Marie Bodenhoff
Project Lead, Health & Public Services, Denmark
May 09, 2019

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Public-Service Consulting

Marie with her team

I can honestly say my team goes the extra mile to get great results.

As a project lead, I devise IT requirements for public-sector clients.

I’m a firm believer that you’re only as good as the people around you. To be amazing at what you do, you need to surround yourself with those who can challenge and inspire you to be better.

That’s what motivated me to join Accenture, and it’s the reason I’m still here. I’ve continually worked with people who stop at nothing to achieve great results. Highly skilled and motivated colleagues who help me accelerate my skills and career.

Public-sector challenges
My focus is Citizen Services, where I currently lead a team of 15 people to help the client define and shape requirements that translate into developing IT solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Public-sector projects can bring unique challenges.

Taxpayers want to see that their money is being invested wisely, so every decision is scrutinized. Innovation can be hindered by legacy systems. There are multiple stakeholders, from the client to contractors. To be successful, you need to be diplomatic, which is why I hold internal workshops on how best to partner with stakeholders.

Going further—together
No matter the project, our multiple-stakeholder team works toward a singular goal.

Design-thinking sessions and clustering strategies enable us to interact and arrive at what’s important together. My team typifies the unique culture of collaboration at Accenture. They go the extra mile to get great results by taking ownership, bringing new ideas to the table and proactively highlighting risks to a client.

One project springs to mind that demonstrates this collaboration. Against a very tight deadline, the client needed a custom-tailored external reporting method that showed their current state of business affairs. To meet this need, we held a co-creation workshop and used our unique consulting methodology to structure our process. We presented our method to the client and carried out the analysis based on the methodology. Quality delivery, quick delivery.

When there are time pressures, it’s tempting to move quickly from the discovery phase to production. I believe discovery should take as long as necessary. That way, you create a more aligned product and save time during the process because there are fewer iterations. This is when the concept of ownership really kicks in.

Growing your team, growing yourself
I trust my team with a project. They know my expectations, but I’m not a micro-manager.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing others on my team learn, grow and advance. But doing that means having to grow yourself, as a leader and a professional. Accenture provides all the necessary training.

There’s nothing quite like working with people who are sincerely enthusiastic and care about shaping the future. For me, it’s been an endless source of inspiration and personal growth.

If you want to do work that truly improves the way the world works and lives, find your fit in Management Consulting, working in the public-service sector.

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