May 21, 2015
Tales from the job search
By: Accenture Recruitment


As you build your career, you’ll likely submit countless resumes and sit for many interviews. Some will be illuminating, others … less so, but all provide a learning opportunity – whether that is knowing more about what to do, or more about what not to do.

We asked Accenture recruiters to share their stories, favorite questions they’ve asked and been asked and general gaffes they’ve encountered from the front lines. Below are some of their responses, which we hope will serve as precautionary tales and helpful tips for you as you embark on your job search.

  • Details matter. Remember to spellcheck and proofread your resume closely for typos and other mistakes. Incorrect dates of employment may make you appear dishonest and poor grammar is unprofessional. Take the time to carefully review everything you submit - cover letters, CV, etc. Have a trusted friend review for a fresh perspective; Recruiters shared how disappointing it is to see easily avoidable mistakes like these from a promising candidate.

  • Mind your manners. A candidate had the good sense to spit his gum out before speaking with one of our recruiters—unfortunately, he waited until he was already seated before doing so.

  • Turn an interviewer's mistake into an opportunity. One of our colleagues recalls an assessor trying to help a candidate out of her “coat,” only to find it was part of the dress she was wearing! If an interviewer makes a gaffe, remember to react as gracefully as possible. This is an opportunity to demonstrate empathy and your ability to roll with any situation.

  • Favorite question to ask recruits. “I like to ask ‘Apart from Accenture, which other two or three companies would you love to work for?’” says one of our recruiters. “It gives me an overview of the candidate’s interests and goals.”

  • Favorite question asked by a candidate. “If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?” Who doesn’t like talking about themselves? This also shows that the candidate has more interest in our culture than what he or she could otherwise learn from our Careers site.

Have some humorous or thought-provoking interview stories of your own? We’d love to hear them! Share your stories in the comments section below, and we’ll compile our favorites in the coming weeks.

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