Bill Lesieur
Bill Lesieur
Technology R&D Principal, Accenture Technology
July 10, 2018

Take a Peek at Life in 2030—It’s Closer Than You Think

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The following is an excerpt from The Everything Economy: The End of Ownership. It’s a fictional account of daily life in 2030. This story was inspired by Accenture Business Futures, Accenture’s Foresight-over-Forecast research, thought leadership and workshop platform.

March 30, 2030 (Chinese Year 4728) (WWW turns 40)

Max’s pod tracks his sleep cycle and gently wakes him up at an optimal point. It’s 7:30 a.m. and MyAdvocate, his artificial intelligence (AI) agent and personal advocate platform, is planning his agenda. Nicknamed Mya, his agent needs him to confirm its recommendations for the day: Does he want to adjust the workday priorities? Does he like Mya’s dinner suggestion, which is based on his activities and wellness program?

With his input, Mya orchestrates his day—a seamless interaction amongst numerous other AI agents, platforms and providers. It identifies clothes based on his activities and the weather. A make-your-own breakfast kit and on-demand appliances are waiting in the kitchen. And an autonomous vehicle is scheduled to arrive in an hour.

Everything on demand
The year is 2030, Max is 32 years old, and he owns practically nothing. Instead, he subscribes to lifestyle-experience packages that aggregate hundreds of services from B2B platform ecosystems that own, or source, all the products he might need. His subscriptions include food, clothes, appliances and even housing.

It’s a world with no mortgages, car loans or clutter. Circular and on-demand products were made possible by breakthroughs in materials science, which redefined product innovation and lifecycles, and technology advancement in clean energy and AI, which made transportation cheap. It’s the Everything Economy, and it has redefined daily life.

A new, extended reality
At 8:30 a.m. Max’s autonomous vehicle arrives. It’s equipped with extended reality (XR), so he uses the 30-minute ride to call his sister Chloe. They talk about her new job leading the People First 2050 platform consortium, and thanks to the near-real power of XR, it’s almost as if she’s in the vehicle with him.

When he docks, he’s at the People Reality Tech Center, a co-working space that has both XR equipment and in-person meeting rooms. Based on strict privacy and data controls, AI agents can act as digital twins and collaborate on behalf of their owners. Mya identified this as an ideal place for Max to meet with his freelancer platform advisor, and reserved a meeting room for two, so they could discuss his next gig. Despite the convenience of XR, many still prefer in-person interactions.

The evening is just as on-demand. He goes to the gym, where a designated locker has gym clothes and shoes for him. Dinner is tacos. And after dinner, he goes to a social and entertainment-themed XR Center. Eventually, another self-driving shuttle takes him home.

The future is closer than you think
If you think this fictional story is far-fetched, think again. Self-driving cars, everything when and where you need it, extended reality enabling frictionless borders and an AI assistant to guide you through your day? If it sounds familiar, it should, because it is. In fact, all the technology described in the story is available today.

The people of Accenture are partnering with the world’s leading brands in virtually every industry—from health and public services to travel, and everything in between—to transform the way the world works and lives. From our cutting-edge work in XR to revolutionary design and implementation in our Liquid Studios, we’re not imagining the future; we’re shaping it.

Ready to apply the New, now? Find your fit with Accenture, today.

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