February 24, 2016
Supply chain planning is everything . . . or is it?
By: Martin Lockstrom

In today’s competitive market, where getting the right product at the right quality and at the right price to the customer is more important than ever, supply chain planning has become a cornerstone for most companies. However, the speed of doing business has drastically increased over time, and consumers have become much more demanding. Because of this, the efficacy of long-term planning has decreased. More often than not, as soon as planning is completed, those plans are already obsolete.

As supply chains are becoming increasingly intertwined, a broader network perspective must be taken in addition to the traditional supply chain perspective. The term supply network agility is used to denote the speed and ease with which a company can adjust its supply network when there are changes in the external environment. However, this requires planning—not planning for a static supply network, but planning for the ability to adapt. In addition, as more and more value chains are becoming customer or demand centric, it is important to adopt the concept of demand-driven value networks (DDVNs), which help synchronize the technologies and processes across the value chain through real-time information sharing.

If your company can no longer rely on long-term planning the way it did in the past, then how does it deal with the current situation? How can your company cope with the ever-changing customer demands and keep meeting these demands in a cost-effective manner? The secret lies in the capability to constantly adapt to a changing market environment. As you may have learned from evolutionary biology, the ability to adapt is key to long-term survival, and this principle is just as applicable in a business context. The Accenture Academy courses Key Elements of Supply NetworksSupply Network AgilityThe Agile Supply Network (ASN) and Demand-Driven Value Network (DDVN) Design ProcessHow to Manage an Agile Supply Network (ASN) and a Demand-Driven Value Network (DDVN), and The Value of a Demand-Driven Value Network (DDVN) provide insight into the concepts of supply chain agility and customer orientation as well as the methodologies used to design agile supply networks and demand-driven value networks and manage them on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to help in the transition from a static network to a dynamic supply network.

If you’ve ever encountered a situation where supply chain plans are frequently out-of-date and you see a need to get a supply chain edge in the 21st century, these courses will provide the insights you need to develop that edge.

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