Alex Olea
Strategy Senior Manager - Supply Chain, Chicago, Illinois
June 10, 2019

Strategy Consulting Feeds My Entrepreneurial Spirit

Not many people can say they feel like an entrepreneur while working for one of the world’s leading companies.

Working for Accenture Strategy, I feel that I’m in control of my destiny, setting my own landing points.

Our operating model truly encourages entrepreneurship.

If you were to ask me why I like working at Accenture, I’d say that, honestly, I have independence, autonomy and control over my own career path—more so than with any other company.

“Upskilling” for the future
Entrepreneurship was one concentration of my MBA, and I always wanted to build and develop my own business. And now, I feel like I’m doing just that, focused on supply chain strategy.

Since I started my career, I’ve always been interested in blockchain and the transparency it enables; I’m particularly fascinated by the use of blockchain in my branch of strategy, especially as we continue to move further into a connected ecosystem. Luckily for me, when you’re really interested in something at Accenture, you can jump right in.

Due to my interest in blockchain, I was appointed to lead the Nexus offering for Supply Chain in our Strategy Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) practice, collaborating with other strategists on the best ways to support our clients with blockchain.

The continuous learning and development opportunities at Accenture also allow me to "upskill" for the future and develop my interests in big data, quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

I’m the connector between strategists and data scientists in our Digital practice, coming together to use data and analytics to help us develop our strategies through Intelligent Supply Chain. Gone are the days when you developed a strategy based on theory; now you have hard data to back it up.

Whether it’s these innovations or robotics or machine learning, I love working with others who share my interests. We work together to create go-to-market solutions for clients that will enable them to improve their customer experience.

I can follow my entrepreneurial instincts and future-proof and shape my own career.

Working with a blank canvas
This built-in innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me to work on some super-exciting projects, with some great teams that have really bonded. I’m currently helping a $30 billion high-tech company shape their three-year vision, leading the development of a strategy that will completely transform their operations.

Intelligent Supply Chain is an offering that uses blockchain and other modern technologies. On a “blank canvas,” the concept is fine, but it’s important to align the structure:

  1. Align on the objectives of what you want to accomplish.
  2. Build the project plan and align the milestones.
  3. Create those big boxes to fill with opportunities.
  4. Lastly, reshape Accenture’s book of business.

Pushing the envelope
To me, entrepreneurship is intrinsically linked with disruption.

You have to push the envelope with disruptive ideas. That means pairing our knowledge with the latest critical thinking to deliver for our clients and stay ahead of our competitors.

For one client, we went through a design-thinking session to come up with the most disruptive ideas for their industry. We looked at what’s happening from a macro perspective and harnessed that to the client’s most pressing issues to create a “big idea.”

Our network of more than 477,000 people across the world includes some of the most curious minds in the industry, so we’re constantly dreaming up the latest innovations—and bringing them to life. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy looking at the bigger picture, shaping new ideas, mentoring others and marketing yourself, Accenture is the right place for you.

Pursue your passions and define your own career path.

Learn more about Alex, his “day in the life” at work and his advice for finding career success.

Find your fit with Accenture Strategy.

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