September 19, 2016
Sounds like a plan
By: Timothy Klahs

We are all born with the potential to communicate our ideas and knowledge, but we do not start out with the skills and practice to do it well. Communication draws on a wide spectrum of knowledge you must gather, assimilate, and test many times before you can communicate effectively.

One of the oldest communication forms is telling a story. We tell stories all the time, but to tell a story well, we must understand our audience and their expectations, our message and its impact, and we must know what we need to say and what we should leave unsaid.

Similarly, in business, you should master a set of skills to plan your communications in any project or function so that it runs smoothly and so you exchange information with clarity and timeliness. Communicating in business needs detail and succinctness. You must notify participants to begin work at the proper time, you must inform interested parties about the project’s progress using the right approach and tone, and you must encourage your allies to continue supporting your work.

One method to ensure you communicate necessary business information is to develop and manage an effective communication plan. Your communication plan will help you to:

  • Analyze a project to find the interrelationships between tasks and participants so you can orchestrate the communications that must occur regarding timing, sequencing, cause and effect, reporting requirements, and others.

  • Recognize the importance of collaboration, promotion, documentation, and participant buy-in, all of which are required to develop a successful communication plan.

  • Specify what information you should include in each communication that you plan.

  • Identify the importance of continually monitoring and revising your plan over time.

Have you encountered a situation where miscommunication led to conflict? Miscommunication can cause dissatisfaction among employees and even drive away customers. The Accenture Academy courses Reasons for Using a Communication Plan, Drivers Needed for a Communication Plan, The Essentials of a Communication Plan, and How to Effectively Monitor a Communication Plan will help you eliminate miscommunications and missing communications that occur when you do not have a plan or do not monitor communication activities as they occur. By implementing a communication plan, you can help optimize your projects and functions and gain buy-in from your stakeholders.

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