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October 08, 2017
Six Ways Companies Can Defend Against Cyberthreats
By: Kevin Richards

Our cars can read our emails to us so we aren’t taking our eyes off the road, and we can see who’s ringing our doorbell at home while sitting in an office miles away. From smartphones to smartcars, the Internet of Things has offered unending benefits; but living in an interconnected world has also made us vulnerable to cyberthreats—which seemingly threatens our digital security from every angle.

I recently led a talk on how organizations can take proper measures to substantially reduce cybersecurity threats. I shared insights from our Accenture Security Index, a global study across 2,000 companies that revealed even industry-leading companies in the most developed countries put themselves at risk by not tackling the issue from all sides. Through our research and analysis, we formed six recommendations for companies to redefine security performance.


  1. Define cybersecurity success for the organization: Improve the alignment of the company’s cybersecurity strategy with its business imperatives and enhance abilities to detect and repel more advanced attacks.

  2. Pressure-test security capabilities: Engage “white-hat” external hackers for attack simulations to establish a realistic assessment of internal capabilities. By pressure-testing company defenses in this way, leaders quickly understand whether they can really withstand a targeted, focused attack.

  3. Protect from the inside out: Prioritize the protection of key assets and focus on those internal incursions with greatest potential impact. Instead of attempting to anticipate a variety of external breach possibilities, organizations can concentrate on fewer, critical internal incursions.

  4. Keep innovating: Invest in state-of-the-art programs that enable the company to outmaneuver adversaries instead of spending more on existing programs.

  5. Make security everyone’s job: Prioritize training for all employees. Employees play a critical role in detecting and preventing breaches. They represent a company’s first line of defense. Appropriate training can pay disproportionate dividends.

  6. Lead from the top: Chief information security officers must materially engage with enterprise leadership and make the case that cybersecurity is a critical priority in protecting company value.

Staying one step ahead of the cyberthreats and hacks is a constant battle. At Accenture Security, we continue to invest in research and development, emerging technologies and hiring—and training—the best security talent to help outmaneuver cyber criminals.

From white-hat hackers to big-picture strategists, we’re hiring people with a passion for security—creative thinkers who want to help clients tackle the issue from all sides. Find an opportunity with Accenture Security today.

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