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December 06, 2017

Six Things You Need to Know About Industry X.0

Industry X.0

Digital disruption has arrived. People say we’re in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution. There’s another one to come that’s more enduring. We call it Industry X.0—a world in which completely digital companies hyper-personalize products and services and continuously re-invent themselves.

Industry X.0 businesses embrace constant technological change, and profit from it. They successfully combine digital technologies to drive both top-line and bottom-line growth.

But are businesses really embracing the full power of digital? Are you part of the digital-ready workforce ready to lead these companies into the digital reinvention of industry?

Accenture’s research reveals that only 13% of companies are getting both cost saving efficiencies and business growth from their digital investments; however, 80% of company execs want and expect new efficiencies, growth and experiences to be delivered—at the same time.

Leading Industry X.0 enterprises are using the right combination of the right technologies for their industries. Our research shows that Industry X.0 businesses address six digital imperatives to become smart, connected, living, and learning.

  1. Transform the core: Drive new levels of efficiency around digital. Machines and software systems are synchronized to unlock cost efficiencies.

  2. Focus on experience and outcomes: Invest to drive new, hyper-personalized experiences for customers, enhancing customer engagement and helping grow core businesses.

  3. Innovate new business models: Drive differentiated value and new revenue streams for companies.

  4. Build a digital-ready workforce: Source, train and retain talent with digital-ready skills, and encouraging active collaboration between people and machines.

  5. Re-architect new ecosystems: Create a robust ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, start-ups and customers that enables rapid scaling of new business models across the digital value chain.

  6. Pivot wisely: Continually balance investment and resource allocation between the core business and the new business to synchronize innovation and growth.

Be a part of the digital reinvention of industry. Revolutionize your career. Find an opportunity with Accenture today.

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