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April 27, 2015
Security Implications of the Accenture Technology Vision 2015
By: Lisa O'Connor

Fortifying enterprise security practices for the digital business era

Success in tomorrow’s digital business environment will largely depend on the security decisions enterprises make today. For instance, connecting Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices will require new security protocols. Assuring data integrity at the edge…protecting big data that flows across new digital industry platforms…embedding smart software into enterprise operations…and deepening customer trust while delivering personalization will require critical thinking and planning today.

Each of these technology advancements represents tremendous opportunity to digital enterprises, assuming the proper security framework is in place. In fact, we think it is fundamentally important to reinforce security practices now. Doing so will enable enterprises to stretch their boundaries and take full advantage of the IT trends discussed in the Accenture Technology Vision 2015.

This year’s Security Implications of the Accenture Technology Vision 2015 is dedicated to looking at the following five security topics from multiple angles and answering the related questions we hear from clients:

  • What is the security impact of using IoT edge devices to enable business decisions

    Enabling autonomous devices at the edge—From a security standpoint, the IoT presents an expanded attack surface with new vectors of vulnerability across connected systems and distributed devices. As businesses build smart systems leveraging these devices, more autonomous decision making will be pushed to the edge. It is critical to manage and safeguard these edge devices, as well as the end-to-end set of technologies that enable intelligent decisions.

  • How can businesses make sure edge data is reliable for autonomous decisions?

    Making data-driven decisions at Internet of Things scale—Enterprises are collecting, processing and analyzing increasingly larger data sets from smart meters, sensors and distributed devices. In order to trust the resultant decisions, the underlying data must be accurate, authentic and complete. Companies that develop a scalable data assurance program with a framework for governing data across edge infrastructure will be ahead of the game.

  • What security controls will scale to protect big data?

    Securing the three Vs (volume, variety and velocity)—Businesses are finding it more difficult to secure big data, especially as traditional database management systems cannot scale enough to handle the data volume, acquisition velocity or data variety. In response, enterprises should apply security controls to big data processing platforms and embed security into the data itself.

  • How can businesses leverage their platforms to securely operate in a broader digital ecosystem?

    Maximizing protection across digital ecosystem platforms—Platform-based businesses will lead the next phase of digital. To get prepared, enterprises must work to understand the physical security risks of delivering platform-based services and build security into new digital platforms from day one. Switching to an agile development model will also speed application development on top of these platforms.

  • What security and privacy approaches reinforce customer trust in the age of hyperpersonalization?

    Building customer trust in a digital economy—Businesses are seeking ways to deliver highly personalized products and services to customers using personally identifiable information from social media, digital sensors and connected devices. This puts a stronger onus on these companies to protect customer information and maintain customer trust. Taking transparency seriously, deploying analytics that preserve privacy and using innovative measures such as to appeal to privacy-wary customers are smart strategies.

    Is your enterprise secure and ready for the digital business era? To discuss ways to improve your security approach and practices, please contact me at

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