Jason Callender
Technology Strategy Senior Manager, Arlington, Virginia
August 13, 2019

3 Secrets for Success in Tech Strategy: Connect, Collaborate, Co-Create

Technology strategy is a shifting landscape—and not simply because of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Clients’ expectations are changing. They want to see the full value of IT and how it can help their business grow. Simply knowing the latest technologies and the benefits they can bring is no longer enough.

Our clients want to see evidence that we practice what we preach. They want the predictive insights and demonstrations of how technology has worked for others, not just analysis or data.

I’m convinced that the best way to deliver for clients today, and to grow our careers as technology strategists, is to stay engaged and take advantage of the vast array of internal communities and networks to develop new skills and share knowledge.

Connect with communities, large and small
We’ve long advocated the importance of building communities and keeping people engaged at Accenture. Our communities cross industries, functions and technological capabilities, and our Employee Resource Groups champion interests across the diversity spectrum.

Accenture is as big or as small as you want it to be.

Whether it’s giving back to the community, developing new skills in new technologies that interest you or growing your existing network, you’re one call away from being engaged.

Within our Technology Strategy practice, we participate in monthly community calls to bring together technology strategists from across the U.S. It’s a great chance to meet new joiners, discuss recent client successes and learn about new ways we can help deliver value to our clients.

There are also wider North America and Global Strategy calls where we all plug in to find out what’s happening across our region and around the globe. And I participate in groups that focus on industry trends and company performance in Communications, Media and Technology, my primary industry focus.

Continuous learning is an important part of our company culture, and there are many training resources available. For example, when I started to develop an interest in the Splunk operational intelligence platform, I was able to find a contact in our network, join our Splunk community, and after a good amount of self-study, I earned a Splunk certification!

Collaborate and co-create
Our clients don’t simply want us to make recommendations and leave them to transform their organizations themselves. They want us to innovate alongside them and help them build the new processes, tools and capabilities we identify as opportunities in our strategy.

To do this, we collaborate and co-create solutions across our organization and around the globe.

For a recent project, a client was looking for a long-term IT transformation strategy to uplift capabilities in analytics, cloud and AI. They believed they were sitting on a wealth of knowledge in their data and wanted to use it to achieve a multimillion-dollar cost reduction by the end of the fiscal year.

To achieve the short-term financial targets of the client, while building the long-term IT transformation plan for the future, we partnered with our Applied Intelligence practice in Accenture Digital.

They created an environment where we could quickly centralize and analyze data from several financial and operations systems, and we added the benefit of defining the KPIs that aligned to the CFO’s targets.

The ability to be collaborative, flexible and bring the best of Accenture to our clients is a critical capability that truly differentiates us in the market.

Build personal connections
I developed a strong interest in analytics several years ago and attended a local Digital community “friends and family” event. I learned how that part of our business delivers value to our clients, and I also was able to connect with someone who pushed me to further my analytics skills through relevant training, reading materials and hands-on tools and datasets to experiment with.

I’ve not only taken that knowledge and experience back to my work and colleagues in Technology Strategy, but I also found a great mentor and friend that has helped me grow on a professional and personal level.

I also rely on my career counselor of 6-plus years. He’s been supportive of my career goals and has enabled me to spread my wings and “continue to be curious” about what we do in Technology Strategy and across Accenture.

The great thing about our organization is that we have so many people who are curious and willing to help others grow, and it’s a trait that I try to embody every day.

Best of both worlds
Accenture is one of the world’s leading companies, with nearly 500,000 people. But our networks, teams and communities make us feel smaller.

Those smaller environments are where our people truly shine, and the scale of Accenture helps us transform that creativity into solutions that deliver measurable impact to our clients.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Read more about a day in my life and my advice for building a career in technology strategy.

Collaborate and co-create with the world’s top companies, and transform the world with the work you do, every day. Find your fit with our Technology Strategy team.

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