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September 25, 2017
Coming to Ignite: Accenture Cloud Platform 4.0 and Azure Stack
By: Rodrigo Flores

This week, thousands of innovators are gathering in Orlando, Florida, for Microsoft Ignite. It’s Microsoft’s annual conference that showcases the company’s enterprise products and services, offers in-depth IT training, and gives IT professionals an opportunity to network and collaborate. Of course, a topic that will dominate discussion at Ignite is the cloud and, for Accenture, this means (among other things) talking about the latest version (4.0) of the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP).

ACP 4.0 is a powerful new tool for managing your entire cloud presence.

ACP 4.0 is the comprehensive service that delivers the legacy-to-cloud control plane today’s global enterprise needs to successfully manage its journey to cloud. This flexible, on-demand solution integrates best-in-class tools with new innovative cloud management capabilities in a unified, on-demand managed service.

Some of the unique capabilities now available in ACP 4.0 include:

  • Comprehensive Discovery—System-automated ability to discover all resources across clouds at scale, including PaaS.

  • Bill Watch—Processing and viewing of timely and accurate bills across cloud providers in an enhanced billing portal, with multicurrency, chargeback capabilities and deep drill-down into cost categories.

  • Migration at Scale—Discovery, planning and execution of large-scale migrations.

  • End-to-end Service Assurance—Legacy-to-cloud service assurance and visibility across your entire estate.

  • Cloud Optimization Services—Recommendations for eliminating wasted spend, including workload rightsizing and smart cloud usage.

  • ACP Catalog—High-quality, consistent, standardized blueprints that include the entire application stack and cloud service publisher that supports the creation of complete application stacks.

  • Advanced Resource Management—Discovery and management of cloud and non-cloud resources and creation of a sound cloud information model through tagging management, which allows for improved reporting, analytics, financial management, security and policy application.

  • Consumption-Based Pricing—Single pricing and packaging model that allows every Accenture client to start with ACP and pay on demand, by consumption, spanning legacy to private to public cloud.

  • Cloud Collaboration—Deployment of service-centered infrastructure management fueled by innovative new ways to engage with developers and end users.

We’re excited about ACP’s new and upgraded capabilities and look forward to exploring how clients can take advantage of them to get the most from the cloud.

Microsoft’s Azure Stack will be a boon for companies that operate both public and private clouds.

We’re also excited about another subject that’s sure to generate a lot of buzz among Ignite attendees: Microsoft’s Azure Stack. Azure Stack is an on-premises version of Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud that uses the same APIs. This means companies can build and deploy applications using a consistent framework, processes, and tools across both cloud and on-premises environments. That’s a really big deal, because now you can create an application stack using Azure Resource Models and deploy it in the public cloud or in your own data center. You no longer need different programming models for public and on-premises. Azure Stack also can help companies cost-effectively deploy cloud-based applications to edge locations where bandwidth or latency are problematic.

In other words, with Azure Stack, companies can train their developers and create all the tooling necessary to manage their applications in the Azure public cloud, and use those same resources, programming models, and APIs for instances in which a private cloud is needed—regardless of where they’re deployed. This not only improves agility for DevOps teams, but also saves a lot of time and money.

Accenture’s Cloud Management Platform enhancements support Azure Stack

In the coming months, Accenture will further enhance ACP 4.0 to support Azure Stack. As the Azure Stack OEMs start shipping, we intend to test and certify such key features as:

  • Provisioning and orchestration

  • Blueprint capability, which will enable a developer to build an application stack once and then apply it through ACP to both public and private clouds

  • Billing and financial management support

By using ACP 4.0 with Azure Stack, companies can gain critical visibility and control across multiple Azure Stack deployments, enabling a company to effectively manage any Azure Stack endpoint, wherever it may be. And that means a company’s on-premises environment can benefit from the same Accenture services and high degree of automation that previously only public clouds have enjoyed.

Migration at scale is just 1 of many unique capabilities of Accenture #Cloud Platform 4.0 #MSIgnite


There’s much, much more to talk about, so we hope you’re able to attend Ignite. If you are, I encourage you to stop by Booth 473 in the conference expo to chat with an Accenture expert.

Learn more about Ignite here.

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