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June 02, 2017
Is DevOps the holy grail for your Pega implementation? Well, it can be...
By: Reshma Nuggehally

You knew an “if” was coming, right?

DevOps can be extremely useful—essential, actually—if:

  • Your organization is grappling with change and how fast it’s coming

  • You understand the value of DevOps and that it is about much more than tools

  • You prioritize your desired outcomes up front (because you can’t have them all)

#DevOps isn't just about tools: It's a practice, a community, a culture. @pega is good place to start: #PegaWorld –

Let me say this plainly: If your organization needs to be able to quickly transform and react to rapidly evolving business needs with agility—what we at Accenture call rotating to the New—using a technology that’s built to adapt to change like Pega’s is a good first step. But to truly get the most of that technology—not just in implementation, but throughout its lifecycle—you need to embrace and incorporate DevOps. And you need to do that with a prioritized set of objectives and a plan.

The plan
DevOps is not just about the tools. It’s a practice. A community. A culture. Which means it’s not a quick fix. To effectively harness all it has to offer, you must first align with your organization’s strategic IT goals and understand its current maturity state. In addition to tools the plan must also include successfully dealing with all the people and processes surrounding not just development and operations but also testing, DBAs, security, architecture and more. These process and people aspects of DevOps are tricky. Tackling them requires a different mindset and approach for all stakeholders—the development team, app support, the test team and the business.

Your DevOps plan also needs to consider more than just technology automation. It needs to consider clear requirements definition, a minimum loveable product, quality approach, automation strategy, principles for package definition and more. That’s a lot. It can be done. In fact, it’s done often.

Prioritizing Objectives
Before all of that, however, you need to consider how you will prioritize your objectives. Yes, KPIs are important, but it’s also more. DevOps adoption is about achieving continuous improvement. To reach your desired state, improvements should be measurable and optimized constantly.

If your main focus is on quality, remember that emphasizing quality can introduce additional cost and time—consuming steps. The right plan will strike a balance between speed, cost, and quality—addressing questions such as how many quality reviews are needed and when should they be added? How do you ensure they don’t add cost or hammer your timeline? After release, can you take out some of the quality gates? What’s the best way to implement the feedback loop?

The good news is there are platforms, processes and tools to help make this journey easier and faster. Use them and you’re on the road to achieving frequent, high quality deployments which are characteristic of leading-edge software companies. You’ll seamlessly handle code package definition, quality approaches, merging and branching strategy, rollback strategies and more.

And the results?
Glad you asked. Using the Accenture DevOps Platform for Pega solutions, we’ve seen manual writing efforts reduced by 25 percent, and our automation accelerators have reduced the effort needed to test scripts by 60 percent. We also typically eliminate the need for specialized skills while improving quality and reducing cycle time.

While it helps to have 4,600+ practitioners skilled in Pega technologies, 1000-plus DevOps professionals and some 12,000 Agile-trained professionals, we believe the best measure of success is achieving continuous improvement across the board.

Bottom line
DevOps may not be the Holy Grail but will surely help you to reach the next level of delivery efficiency of Pega solutions and help your organization rotate to New IT.

For more, visit and if you’re going to be attending the show, be sure to attend Reshma’s breakout session, which will provide practical tools and advice for DevOps and rapid deployments.

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