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March 27, 2017
United for healthcare
By: David Logue

I have just returned from Barcelona where I was lucky enough to rub shoulders with approximately 1000 fellow life sciences professionals at the eyeforpharma 2017 conference. This year’s agenda covered six core themes

  1. Commercial Model Innovation

  2. The Future Commercial Team

  3. Customer Engagement

  4. Digital Transformation

  5. Talent & Training

  6. External Collaboration & Patient Partnerships

It was my absolute pleasure to speak to a full room about my point of view on "Customer" Engagement at a time when healthcare is at a tipping point. The central premise is that the economic realities of scaling the traditional model don’t stack up as value becomes more important than ever before. Collaboration, stronger partnerships, supported talent and a better understanding of customer’s needs, all play a key part in integrated healthcare delivery.

To support this perspective and to delve deeper, I invited some very good friends to join me onstage for an interesting panel discussion to explore the following core questions:

  • What will Pharma/Healthcare need to do differently in customer engagement to be successful in the new ‘outcomes based’ model?

  • How can Pharma learn from other industries to be truly customer and patient centric?

  • What company would you partner with that people wouldn’t expect and what would that partnership look like?

  • What technology or new capabilities are going to have the biggest transformational impact on customers?

We had the expert voices from pharma represented by Angel Perez (Eli Lilly), Philippe Kirby (MSD) and Stephanie Bova (Takeda), to which we added an external view from Ryan Olohan (Healthcare at Google) and Andrew Finlayson (Accenture Interactive).

A frisson of excitement rippled through the room as we landed on some real and tangible steps pharma can take to succeed, which can be encapsulated in the following:

  • Walk In Your Patient Shoes - Understand and build empathy for your patients’ journey and needs across the full care continuum

  • Engage with Society - Look at how you are working with the outside world to leverage new technologies and experiences across all functional areas

  • Develop Value Led Partnerships - Understand where value can be generated within the ‘new market for health’

  • Talent Agility & Motivation - Understand and develop talent, evolve skills and ensure there is a focus on understanding and improving motivation

Aside from our panel, highlights from the overall conference included; Richard Francis, CEO of Sandoz, saying that “innovation without access isn’t going to have the impact we want…the answer isn’t ‘just more innovation,’” and Gitte Aabo, CEO of Leo Pharma, saying that collaboration is finding a better way to reach common goals and not a better way to meet your own goals. Of course Ryan Olohan’s presentation describing YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine, that is often neglected by pharma, really caught the room’s attention, as he showed some Humira injection examples.

To wrap, we are most certainly at a tipping point. However by truly collaborating, building better partnerships outside our traditional silos and by focusing on what’s really important to our customers, payors and patients, we can all be united for healthcare.

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