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May 02, 2019
Recognizing essentials of the scrum master
By: Shawn Belling

How to become an effective Scrum Master

Recent business magazine articles tout the growth and expansion of agile and scrum beyond the realm of specialists developing software and products and into the mainstream as an approach to thinking about an entire organization. As this expansion of agile and scrum continues, effective scrum masters will be in demand like never before.

Every organization expects a scrum master to perform a variety of roles and take up different responsibilities. A good scrum master acts as a process facilitator and a servant leader. The scrum master works with the scrum teams to encourage self-organization, synthesize metrics to generate accurate reports, and collaborate with the product owner.

Awareness of these roles and responsibilities and a good understanding of how to perform them can help you further your career as a scrum master. In-depth knowledge of how to handle scrum teams by coaching them, enabling them to identify impediments, and facilitating removal of those impediments will increase your chances of being hired as a scrum master. In addition, your ability to effortlessly work with the product owner and act as a servant leader can enhance your skills and help you grow in your organization.

Are you ready to perform the essential functions of scrum master and move your career forward? Effective and successful scrum masters are in demand and on the path for increasing responsibility, whether through increasingly important projects or the opportunity to help and coach other scrum masters just beginning their scrum journey.

The Accenture Academy courses The Scrum Master Role with Self-Managed Teams, The Scrum Master Role in Scrum Process Facilitation, The Scrum Master Role with Product Owners, The Scrum Master Role in Metrics and Reporting, and The Scrum Master and Servant Leadership will help prepare you to be an effective and successful scrum master and advance your career to higher levels.

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