August 30, 2017
Are You Planning Today for the Workforce Needs of Tomorrow?
By: Accenture Recruitment

The skills needed today for the workforce of the future are constantly evolving. But you can stay ahead of the curve with the right approach.

It’s the people—not the technologies—that are the differentiators in the digital era. Without the right people at the right time with the right skills, companies risk losing their competitive edge. So how do you ensure you’re prepared for the future with a plan built on bedrock instead of sand? Four strategies will help:

  1. See the future through prescriptive lenses. Go beyond what is happening now or what might happen in the future to what should happen.

  2. Focus on the big picture. Integrate planning across domains (process, workforce and supply chain), layers (physical, data and behavior) and time horizons (operational, tactical and strategic).

  3. Work in unison with machines. Utilize the human-machine dynamic to visualize future demand and supply across an increasingly liquid workforce.

  4. Plan for the unexpected. Think about the impacts of possible future scenarios rather than predict a single “perfect” future.

Prescriptive analytics tools are available today to help. Scenario-based strategic workforce planning predicts the future of work based on historical trends and allows you to constantly optimize workforce choices. Simulation models consider the big picture, combine the strengths of humans and machines and manage to future volatility.

Research conducted by Accenture Strategy tells us it’s time to take control—to analyze and prepare for both the expected and the unexpected. In today’s ever-evolving digital business world, the mechanisms exist. It’s up to you to prioritize and plan to stay one step ahead.

Are you ready to join the workforce of the future? Find an opportunity with Accenture today.

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