March 25, 2019
Three secrets to reimagining marketing in the age of personalized digital experiences
By: Accenture Interactive Operations

Delivering personalized digital customer experiences in real-time on a vast scale demands massive organizational transformation.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is achieving this feat with the help of Accenture Interactive Operations (AIO). By revolutionizing the global healthcare leader’s marketing operations with a seamless data-driven approach and process automation, Accenture is supporting GSK to make it much easier for healthcare providers to get what they need: information that supports HCPs’ ability to inform, diagnose and make treatment decisions for their patients at pace.

“To deliver an exceptional customer experience focused on helping healthcare providers deliver improved patient outcomes, we were in need of a widespread refresh, essentially a whole new marketing mindset,” says Raakhi Sippy, GSK’s Global Head of Marketing Operations & Third Party Partnerships. “And that’s what the partnership with Accenture gives us: power and resources to deliver. Together, we’re empowering our marketers with the right tools, technology, and teams to reinvent and maximize our marketing, at every level.”

Leading GSK’s digital evolution to drive intelligent marketing operations, Raakhi has worked hand in hand over the past year with AIO to catalyze sweeping organizational change across more than 40 key markets and 30 of GSK’s top brands.

Closely collaborating with Accenture Interactive Operations, GSK is working toward transitioning from traditional marketing to the future-ready, digital insight-infused operations that open opportunities for one-of-a-kind personalized experiences at scale.

Revolutionizing marketing operations with a seamless data-driven approach and process automation.



Together, at the upcoming Adobe Summit 2019 on Wednesday, March 27 at 2 p.m., Raakhi and Nikki Mendonça, Global President, Accenture Interactive, will share the secrets to this success during an inspiring fireside chat. The live session, titled “The Journey to Intelligent, Transformative Marketing Operations,” will explore how Accenture and GSK reimagined GSK’s global marketing operations set up.

Here are the key transformations GSK achieved on its bold endeavor into intelligent marketing that Raakhi and Nikki look forward to discussing together at the Summit:

  1. Spark mass change through end-to-end innovation.

    GSK is working toward achieving large-scale, insights-fueled intelligent marketing capabilities through a multi-phase technology transformation. This first phase saw the rollout out of a new all-in-one solution operating model that integrated content distribution channels and seamlessly embedded new ways of working within GSK’s existing tech systems. The result: The power to harness value through integration and leveraging technology to activate campaigns.

  2. Bring marketers up to speed fast.

    Accenture’s expert Market Engagement Managers are working one-on-one in-person to quickly upskill traditional GSK marketers across the healthcare organization’s many core markets. Hands-on tech and digital platform training equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to drive data-driven content designed to deliver exceptional customized digital experiences—on every platform, on every device, every time.

  3. Pave the way for companies embarking on similar digital transformations.

    GSK and Accenture are leveraging their successful partnership to continuously drive a completely new, high-impact marketing innovation model. Enhanced with scalable, efficient digital content creation and performance capabilities at the core of GSK’s business, GSK and Accenture are reinventing the industry marketing standard.

Sharing the inside story of how Accenture and GSK worked together to overcome organizational challenges to achieve digital marketing excellence and efficiency provides deep insights that all large organizations can leverage as they brave their own digital marketing transformations in the days ahead.

To find out more about how Accenture helped GSK reimagine its marketing operations—with the ultimate goal of helping healthcare professionals prescribe the right medicines to the right patients at the right time—be sure to tune into Raakhi and Nikki’s upcoming Adobe Summit chat. We promise it won’t disappoint.

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