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April 04, 2019

Now is the Perfect Time to Build a Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity Careers

Cyber-attacks can come from any angle, with farther-reaching effects than ever before.

Because digital ecosystems are so interconnected, when organizations are attacked, it’s not just their business that’s at risk—it’s all of us.

That’s why now is the perfect time to build a cybersecurity career.

Secure us to secure me
In this year’s Accenture Technology Vision report, Secure Us to Secure Me, describes why security in an ecosystem-driven world is no longer about protecting just the organization—it’s about protecting everyone.

As more of the physical world is controlled by digital devices, the potential impact of an attack has an even farther reach. One cyber-incident that would have affected a business can now affect its entire network—from its partner organizations to entire industries and even large parts of the overall economy.

So, how do organizations protect against these imminent threats?

It takes a village
A growing cyber-risk landscape also means an increased demand for cybersecurity specialists. The people of Accenture Security help our clients rethink every step of the security lifecycle, using today’s leading-edge technologies to stay one step ahead of cybercrime and out-hack the hackers and “cyber spies”.

Meet Alexandra – Digital Identity

Alexandra’s work in the Accenture Digital Identity practice goes beyond just usernames and passwords to safeguard digital properties for clients. “We design and implement entire digital identity systems, helping clients to make their online user experiences secure, easy to use and accurate.”

Meet Kimberly – Cyber Espionage

Cyber espionage—"cyber-spying”—sounds like something out of a movie. But it’s a very real, growing threat in today’s digital world, and it’s Kim’s job to help the world’s leading companies defend themselves against it. “As part of the Cyber Espionage team, I am a malware analyst or reverse engineer for iDefense, a threat intelligence provider under Accenture Security. We specialize in advanced threats, namely the advanced, persistent threat of nation-state-sponsored malicious cyber-activities. My team creates alerts, events and other written articles or indicator pieces for our clients to use to protect themselves.”

Meet Cate – Forensic Response

As a manager on the Accenture Security Cyber Investigation and Forensic Response Team, Cate’s goal is to ensure our clients operate in a cyber-resilient state, ready to take on and quickly recover in the face of a cyber incident. “Every day, I work with clients around the globe and stand by their side during a cyber crisis. I help bring order to an otherwise very chaotic moment.”

Meet Nicholas – Access Management

The systems that allow people to control who can see account information about themselves are called Identity and Access Management tools. Nicholas is in charge of installing and configuring these tools at large organizations to enable a secure profile or account. “When I explain my job to others, I often use social media as an example. Almost everyone has a social media account these days and understands the need for guarding specific information.”

Help protect the world’s leading companies—and yourself—from cyberthreats.
Find your fit with the Accenture Security team.

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