September 13, 2016
The Almost Perfect Omnichannel Customer Service
By: Brent Williams

If you work in a retail store, you know that delivering the perfect omnichannel customer experience can be challenging. Customers are more demanding of retailers than ever before. They seem to want personalized and consistent shopping experiences, yet they also want the efficiency associated with the scale that retailers can provide. They also sometimes want to use retail stores as showrooms, and they expect to be able to pick up online orders in store or have them delivered to their home or business.

It is clear that shopping behavior has changed due to the influence of technology on the shopping experience. Possibly because of the influence of technology, the behavior of the next generation of shoppers, known as millennials, is quite different from preceding generations. They more heavily utilize technology in their shopping experiences, and they may even have different views on core ideals, such as home and car ownership.

Given all these changes in shoppers and the retail environment, how do you handle the demands of today’s omnichannel shopper? Are you and your team prepared to meet the need of these shoppers in your store?

Today’s customer service associate has a broader role in the shopper’s experience than ever before. Customer service associates must not only help customers and stock inventory but also be comfortable helping customers place orders online and telling the customer when the product will arrive at their doorstep. Customer service associates must also be prepared to fulfill online orders from store inventory and help shoppers with product research.

Have you explored the evolving role of retail stores and customer service associates in meeting customer expectations? Could you identify the complexities in retail store operations? The Accenture Academy course Identifying the Importance of Omnichannel Customer Service will help you develop strategies to provide a high level of omnichannel customer service. 

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