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August 04, 2016
People + technology is the essential equation - Part 1
By: Brags Srinivasan

Life sciences companies are enabling people and ecosystem partners to accomplish more with technology.

In an environment of rapid business change and continuously evolving technologies, our clients are actively working to reinvent themselves to be nimble and agile businesses, centered around the needs of patients and their employees, with the ability to rapidly adopt innovation in every aspect of their business.

We are seeing a shift in how Life Sciences companies are thinking about products and services, with an increasing focus on outcomes and value.

Our Accenture Technology Vision 2016 for Life Sciences research reveals how the convergence of technology and people is helping to drive three dramatic shifts in healthcare.

  1. Patient Expectations: Digital and wearable technologies are transforming what patients expect from their doctors, care givers, payers, and from life sciences companies. Patients that are used an experience in their daily life, expect the same from the healthcare ecosystem.

  2. Convergence of Consumer and Clinical: Consumers are using ubiquitous connectivity, smart devices, and wearables to monitor and gather insights about their health and wellness, like they have never done before. These mobile and smart technologies are now being used from clinical trials through patient care.

  3. Shift in Healthcare Business Models: Life sciences companies are moving from volume-based business models to value-based ones. The winners must disrupt the traditional modes of care by embracing digital and analytics-driven insights to put improved patient outcomes front and center of their business models, operating models and cultures.

In order to address these shifts and develop new strategies for success, life sciences companies are enabling people and ecosystem partners to accomplish more with technology. In this year’s Life Sciences Technology Vision, we delve deeper into how the combination of digital technologies and people is a new double-helix for life sciences and a huge opportunity for truly patient-centered healthcare. We’ve identified four themes where we expect changes will be particularly profound over the next 12 months.

In part two, I’ll explain each of the themes.

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