February 14, 2018
Tech Vision 2018—Emerging tech requires a new era of leadership
By: Paul Daugherty
Tech Vision 2018—Emerging tech requires a new era of leadership

We're moving into an extraordinary era of continual technology innovation and acceleration—one that’s bound to create huge new opportunities for the Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed, the theme of Accenture Technology Vision 2018 our annual technology trends report.

By delivering technology-based products and services, companies are achieving significant growth and engaging more deeply with people in their everyday work and lives. We’re now seeing that major IT trends like artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data analytics have become intrinsic and embedded into the way people get things done: how we communicate, transact and even govern.

Our technology research report signals a clear business imperative for Intelligent Enterprises to reimagine and reinvent the way we do business. Leading companies have seen this increasingly strong connection between trust and growth, and are looking to advance their businesses in ways that not only meet their business goals, but also benefit people, communities and citizens.

The Intelligent Enterprise builds trust-based partnerships to drive growth-@pauldaugh in a #TechVision2018 blog: #ITtrends


Accenture Technology Vision 2018 looks at five key trends leveraging disruptive technology to build this level of partnership with customers, employees, business partners and governments:

In exchange for the data access needed to build these embedded services, people are increasingly expecting a reciprocal relationship based on the values and goals of the companies themselves. This means not only protecting the data exchange and interacting with people transparently, but also building trust at every step along the way. Leading companies are building deeper, more meaningful relationships with people and organizations. They’re using these new partnerships to invent new products and services that meet the goals of their customers and employees, and in doing so, are achieving new levels of growth and differentiation.

Innovation with Purpose
Our tech trends report also looks at the growing societal role and responsibility for intelligent businesses. As companies introduce innovative platforms and services, they must also work to set and manage clear expectations for positive societal interactions—or what we call innovation with purpose.

Ultimately, the partnerships that Intelligent Enterprises develop with people and the leadership role they play in society will empower them to build even stronger access and trust with people…and drive more significant growth.

Speaking of innovation, my biggest takeaway from Tech Vision is that there’s no finish line. It’s critical for every Intelligent Enterprise to build an innovation architecture into their corporate DNA, an operating model and a financial model. This will make it possible to absorb the technologies and trends we’re talking about today, as well as the ones that will emerge tomorrow and next month and next year.

This continual innovation mindset means becoming incredibly agile in your thinking. Being ready to change—again and again and again. Technology is the enabler to a bigger role and better partnerships for your Intelligent Enterprise and a brighter future for us all.

How will you reimagine and reinvent your business? How will you leverage these trends to drive growth and differentiation? How will you partner with people, and what expanded responsibility do you have in society?

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