August 24, 2017
Accenture labs turns 30
By: Paul Daugherty
Accenture Labs Turn 30

At Accenture, innovation is in our DNA. It’s an indispensable, intrinsic part of everything we do.

We are marking an important milestone in Accenture’s innovation heritage: Accenture Labs is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We’re honoring the people who have been inventing the future through pioneering, applied research, for three decades and counting.

From Accenture’s inception, we’ve relentlessly committed to innovation and generating sustained results for our clients. Accenture Labs has grown from its first location in Chicago to innovation hubs around the world, including Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Dublin, Sophia Antipolis and Washington D.C.

For 30 years & counting, people of @accenturelabs delivered #innovation for clients-Accenture #CTIO @pauldaugh:


In the past 30 years, Accenture Labs filed thousands of patents and conducted signature, ground-breaking research that fueled growth for Accenture and our clients. Noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • 1990 - Developed smart pricing for airline seating by calculating and optimizing the costs of discounted seats, laying the foundation for how most airlines price their seats today.

  • 1995 - Created the first automated ERP end-to-end business process for manufacturing, which was one of building blocks of Accenture’s SAP practice.

  • 1997 - Invented the “Online Medicine Cabinet,” a precursor to today’s connected healthcare through wearables and Internet of Things technologies.

  • 1998 - Developed pilots to help machines detect emotions in voice, helping advance the maturity of virtual assistants and grow our Artificial Intelligence capabilities. /p>

  • 2006 - Built the industry’s first end-to-end Service-Oriented Architecture.

  • 2007 - Filed our first cloud patent application, setting the stage for what has become the Accenture Cloud Platform.

  • 2012 - Provided, through our innovations in biometrics, more than half a million refugees with personal identity records. This biometric identity management system, deployed in collaboration with the United Nations, placed Accenture on Fortune’s “Change the World” list.

  • 2014 - Created an Energy Marketplace prototype, which combined blockchain-based distributed applications, smart contracts, connected homes (IoT) and bitcoin payment to redefine energy provisioning.

  • 2017 - Continue to develop “Technology for Good” innovations, including the Akshaya Patra “Million Meals” project and our work to improve accessibility for the visually impaired using Artificial Intelligence.

  • 2017 - Developed the first commercial application of Quantum Computing with Biogen and 1Qbit to speed up drug discovery.

Our commitment to being innovation-led has most certainly inspired our trajectory, and our industry-leading R&D capabilities have been fundamental to Accenture’s growth.

Labs, in fact, also plays a strategic role in the Innovation Architecture, which is instrumental to how we bring to life the innovation journey of the businesses we work with.

Undoubtedly, what fuels the Labs innovation engine is top-caliber research talent.
I am incredibly proud of the women and men across our Labs locations worldwide who bring their passion and dedication every single day. They lead breakthrough research and development with a razor-sharp focus on creating new value for businesses and society through our Technology for Good focus.

Kudos to our amazing technologists who have tirelessly transformed business, industries and society over the last three decades! You can see them in action in this video.

I also want to recognize the visionary leaders of Accenture Labs over the years who led us through waves of technology innovation (and apologies to the many others that I’m sure I’ve missed).

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

  • Bruce Johnson 1990

  • Glover Ferguson

  • Joe Carter

  • Stan Taylor

  • Scott Rose

  • Lyle Ginsberg

  • Gavin Michael

  • Anatole Gershman

  • Kishore Swaminathan

  • Prith Banerjee

  • Marc Carrel-Billiard

On July 12, we kicked off the Accenture Labs 30th anniversary celebrations with a special event in Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum. More activities are planned at our Labs locations in the months to come.

Accenture Labs 30th anniversary


“Magic of Innovation”

The “Magic of Innovation” special event attracted numerous innovators and tech pioneers and also featured an augmented-reality magic show.

Accenture Labs


Another major highlight was an inspiring Innovation Panel that explored the future of Augmented Reality and commercial enterprise drones and quantum computing applied to pharma shedding light on the business applications, potential for social good, challenges and opportunities of these technologies of the future.

Accenture Labs

Click the image above to see the Facebook Live video of the Innovation panel featuring Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Accenture; Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO, Airware; Govinda Bhisetti, Head of Computational Chemistry, Biogen; and Joe Mikhail, Chief Revenue Officer, Meta. (From left to right)

We raised a toast to Accenture Labs’ extraordinary past, present and future.

Accenture Labs

Several past Labs leaders also graced us with their presence at the 30th anniversary celebration in Silicon Valley. Bruce Johnson (Labs' founder), Stan Taylor (co-lead with Glover Ferguson), Marc Carrel-Billiard, Glover Ferguson, Mike Redding, Paul Daugherty, Edy Liongosari, Scott Rose. (from left to right)

Accenture Labs

At the Computer History Museum, Marc Carrel-Billiard and I sat down with SiliconANGLE for a broadcast interview where we took a closer look at the journey of the past 30 years and what’s ahead as we celebrate this incredible milestone for Accenture Labs.

Be sure to follow @AccentureLabs and #AccentureLabs on Twitter to join live streaming from 30th celebrations throughout the year.

30 years of innovation is a terrific milestone, but this is just the beginning. What inventions and discoveries will the next 30 years at Labs unleash?

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