January 30, 2017
Partnering for diversity and growth
By: Yoshino W. White, Senior Manager—Accenture Consulting

Offering an environment that welcomes everyone—across ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability—is an intrinsic part of Accenture’s culture. We aim to be the most diverse company in the world, and to help achieve this goal, we partner with select professional organizations with complementary interests. One such partner is Calibr, a professional network dedicated to accelerating the careers of mid- to senior-level African American executives. Calibr recently honored us as its 2016 Company of the Year. For insights into this partnership, and what it offers employees and members, we sat down with Yoshino W. White, Senior Manager – Accenture Consulting and active Calibr member.

When did you join Calibr, and why?
I joined Calibr in 2012. I knew a number of Accenture people who were members and thought highly of the organization. These were strong leaders, and if they were interested in Calibr, I felt it would be good for me as well.

What is the biggest benefit you’ve experienced as a result of your membership?
I have benefited from so many things, but if I boil it down, it would be the development I get at the conferences and the network that I have built with real go-getters and executives from other companies. This combination can’t be beat.

In addition, Calibr and its partners, such as the Executive Leadership Council, are working to diversify and grow the top levels of corporate America so that the leadership reflects the mix of people across the country. It is an honor to be a member.

Why is it important that Accenture partner with organizations such as Calibr?
I know what it’s like to come into a company and have the support of a diverse population—people who know where you are coming from can help shape and grow your experience. During my time at Accenture, I have been based out of two different locations. The workforce was more diverse at one location more than the other, which tells me that, while we are getting there, it is important to continue to pursue and promote diversity. Partnering with Calibr and other organizations allows us to tap into the cream of the crop of diverse leadership talent.

How has your involvement with Calibr helped you in your role at Accenture?
My Calibr membership has helped me most with my executive presence. Training modules such as “Boardroom Bound” help you shape and prepare how you present yourself. It’s a great way to find out how others see you and gives you ideas of things you can do to improve the impression you give. This particular session got me thinking more about my interactions with other members of Calibr. While they are colleagues, they could also be potential clients, so this helps keep me on my toes. This development has helped me build my client relationships and with my personal delivery and presentation skills in general. My experiences with Calibr have been a good complement to the training and coaching that I receive here at Accenture.

What is the one thing you want people to know about the Accenture-Calibr relationship?
Our relationship with Calibr helps us ensure that we have a strong pipeline of African American candidates at the executive levels—the strong leaders that we want and need at Accenture.

Learn more
Visit Accenture Diversity for information on our programs and areas of focus for an inclusive and authentic workplace.

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