April 12, 2016
Partner to Protect: Cyber Defense requires collaboration with the best and the brightest
By: Ryan LaSalle

Cyber adversaries constantly develop new ways to find and exploit vulnerabilities in information systems. They adapt and learn from the mistakes and successes of their peers. And with all the different types of adversaries targeting organizations, cyber security professionals can feel like the lone defender atop the wall.

But to be successful, you can’t go it alone. The only way to out-innovate attackers is to fuse the brilliance of the brightest, most creative minds in the field. Securing organizations hinges on the fusion of ideas, intelligence and research from many disciplines. Close collaboration among security practitioners, researchers and solution providers is our best hope when it comes to shielding organizations from ever-evolving cyber attackers. Our new cyber centers – innovation hubs dedicated to cyber security and innovation – make that possible.

At these centers, our clients interact with Accenture’s security teams who work 24/7 to protect our clients’ businesses. The centers provide access to an interdisciplinary, collaborative ecosystem that includes university-based researchers, data scientists and representatives of companies such as Amazon Web Services, ForgeRock, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, Securonix and Splunk.

But that’s not all. These facilities are far more than just workrooms. For example, we designed our state-of-the-art cyber center in Bengaluru with dynamic collaboration in mind. A variety of open and closed zones, “war rooms,” an amphitheater-style presentation “command center” and “hackers’ corners” all facilitate a convergence of security disciplines. This enables us to investigate and remediate threats in real-time and even better, innovate and execute world-class solutions. Our clients benefit from this collaboration as we help them push the boundaries of applying new behavioral analytics, cyber threat detection capabilities and prevention technologies to present-day challenges.

Without collaboration with a variety of partners, organizations are constantly behind, trying to catch up with cyber adversaries. By connecting our partners, our clients and our teams in the field to the latest thinking, skills, approaches and tools, our cyber centers support our clients in ways never before possible, improving their resilience and allowing them to focus on business growth.

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