September 19, 2016
Overcome Your Fear of Commitment: Adopt an Innovative Idea!
By: Kathie Topel

The implementation of an innovative idea is an exciting time for organizations. The energy around moving the idea into production fills everyone with anticipation. Fast forward three months: How is the energy level now? Unfortunately, too often the excitement dies down and people lose interest and revert back to old ways. Is this lack of adoption because the idea was bad? Probably not. It is likely the lack of commitment to the sustainability of the change.

A strong adoption process must be in place to ensure long-term success of innovative idea implementation. Consider ABC Company, a manufacturer of cases for mobile electronics equipment. ABC recently instituted a companywide innovation idea management process and has selected the first idea to be implemented. The idea is to create mobile electronics cases from wetsuit material that can be tailored to customer specifications.

The development team includes employees from research, engineering, marketing, legal, production, and sales. Each group has its own specific responsibilities as well as cross-functional assignments during each of the five stages of adoption: alignment, ownership, accountability, value, and sustainability. The team creates a logical, systematic, documented process with predefined benchmarks, testing procedures, quality control parameters, and production metrics. The process ends with clear communication channels between everyone involved. In addition, ABC’s leadership team takes a comprehensive communication approach that includes real-time statistical monitoring and a summarized reporting structure for weekly, monthly, and quarterly analysis.

Because of its specific, detailed idea implementation process, ABC Company is positioned for new growth and increased value. Does your organization have the tools to do the same?

Have you seen an exciting, innovative idea fizzle away because of a flaw in the idea implementation process? Did the implementation start out strong but then lag because there was not an adoption process in place? The Accenture Academy course Adopting Innovative Ideas for Ongoing Success focuses on the five stages of idea adoption. After completing the course, you will understand the importance of each of these stages and be able to ensure the sustainability and long-term success of an innovative idea implementation. In addition, you will recognize how to achieve maximum value for your organization.

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