February 13, 2017
One woman’s work lesson: When things get tough, do your homework
By: Accenture Recruitment

Kelly Rover

Sometimes, especially when starting a new job or even just starting out in the corporate world, it can seem like just preparing and looking the part will make things fall into place. However, truly “making it” and being successful takes tenacity and hard work, according to Kelly Rover, Senior Manager, Accenture Technology.

Kelly applies this attitude to everything in her life, on both a personal and professional level. She tells her story of how she became discouraged early in her career, but quickly decided she knew how to put the time and hard work in and make herself indispensable to her new team. She learned that it’s not the fanciest suit in the office or the most expensive saddle at the horse show that really matters. There’s truly no shortcut to the top; you have to put in the time and effort it takes to achieve success.

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    Khangelani StanfordMabaso • February 28, 2017

    It is really tough and and a stressing factor for young professionals that has not yet being employed to believe that they have to double their effort and be the best they can be in order to secure a job in a corporate world.

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    Patricia Duell • February 14, 2017

    This was extremely inspirational. It's what we do when the going gets hard that determines our success! Thank you for sharing this.

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