August 11, 2017
One Global Network = One Innovative Team
By: Taiki Shojima

I believe that the best career is one that harnesses your personal strengths and aligns with your values. As someone with a mind for critical thinking and a desire to create social value, working in technology was a natural career choice for me. The role gives me the opportunity to learn more about new technologies, new solutions and I learn from the international group of people I work with.

I’m currently consulting on a global lead-management project, working with technology engineers and marketing experts from Accenture Interactive, a leading provider of end-to-end digital marketing and analytics services. Our team is diverse in terms of nationality, language, gender, business backgrounds, areas of expertise and individual values. It’s the most dynamic business environment I’ve ever experienced, and it works because we respect each other and recognize everyone’s contributions.

Working in a global business environment, it’s important to always communicate clearly with clients and business partners while also respecting different approaches and customs. But It’s worth the effort. Our global colleagues not only give us insights into other cultures, they also help us innovate. We share knowledge from our global projects with the rest of the Accenture Technology network, and we get insights from other teams around the world. That means we’re constantly improving and innovating new uses for new technology.

On a day-to-day basis, it’s exciting to see the results of my work when I visit our clients’ websites and see their advertising and promotional campaigns.

Accenture’s culture fosters collaboration with people around the world so we can solve problems faster and with greater precision than we could on our own. For example, I received great advice from my mentor when I was new to my role working on a particular project: “Rely on your supervisors and colleagues without hesitation. If you can’t find reasonable solutions after thinking over a problem for a few minutes, seek input from your teammates. They can help solve the problem, and they may generate new ideas based on their experience.”

Ready for a career where you can innovate and make a difference? Explore Accenture Technology opportunities now.

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        Shilpi Talwar • September 12, 2017

        I agree completely as when I work with global and remote teams the open mindedness to respecting different approaches is critical. Project managing global projects with over 50 people taught me a lot and I will carry those skills throughout my career too

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