June 27, 2016
On Site: New Accenture Academy features and functions
By: Christopher Jepson

The Accenture Academy team strives for continual improvements in usability, design, and effectiveness. Here are a few notable examples of recent and upcoming enhancements:  

Academy 4.0 Update
As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, we are making good progress on the next generation of the Accenture Academy. You may have recently noticed the updated Framework page, as well as the addition of some Author Profiles to the site.   

Your Target

We are currently in developing a new homepage, which will include a new look and feel, simplified layout and the addition of some notable features, including a Curriculum Status tile. The Curriculum Status tile will provide a quick view of your progress against targets, set individually for each client account. You will have the option to choose the target date as well as the goal, based on either a number of hours or number of courses to be completed in that timeframe. We will begin rolling out the new homepage and new Curriculum Status feature, as early as this August. 

In preparation for the new responsive-design homepage and site, we’ll also be updating client branding. We will separate the logo graphic from the background to allow greater flexibility and better usability on any screen. We will be contacting you for updated graphics, or can make updates on your behalf, if preferred.

High Performance Delivered

Additionally, we will be updating Search to allow for easier access to eKnowledge items and the Academy Live offerings. We will also be adding author profiles to help you follow your favorite course authors and user profiles, making easier for colleagues to connect via the My Network feature (Note: to learn more about the My Network social collaboration capability, contact to your Learning Consultant). Finally, we are adding the ability to export search results for easy documentation and sharing.  

The last change currently in design is something called Collections, the new method for managing and displaying learning series and other content compilations. With a consolidated entry point and responsive graphical display, Collections will simplify and enhance both the user experience and administration.  

Updated Minimum System Requirements
With the evolution of browser technology and ongoing updates to the site infrastructure and our courseware over time, we have been able to simplify the minimum system requirements for users, requiring no more than any common, modern browser. This approach is in line with common practices today. For the most up-to-date requirements and frequently asked questions, see our FAQ page

Ongoing Maintenance
As usual, we continue to invest in updates to the site infrastructure and administration to improve efficiency and increase speed. These background updates facilitate a better user experience, improve administration capabilities, and help to extend usability to any device.  

We always welcome your comments, suggestions, and input. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Accenture Academy

Accenture Academy offers proven, cost-effective learning solutions for a more versatile workforce and a more agile organization. We provide a flexible learning approach that helps your people be more versatile and your entire organization be more agile in the marketplace. Curriculum includes Supply Chain Management, Finance, Procurement, Analytics, Leadership & Management and Specialty Skills.


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