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Ananth Vedagarbham and Niranjan Srinivasan
Managing Director and Lead, Health & Public Service, Advanced Technology Centers in India and Managing Director, Health & Public Service, Advanced Technology Centers in India
June 22, 2018

Music or IT Career? I choose both!

Ananth and band

We truly believe in bringing our best to work. And when I say, “bringing our best,” I’m not only referring to the work we do every day.

I’m also referring to the passions that drive and motivate us when we are not at work. In fact, to help make that a reality, we launched myPassion—an exciting platform enabling our large workforce in India to showcase their unique talents through numerous arts and sports clubs.

To date, 35,000 people have participated in 100 art events across 10 locations in India, and more than 20,000 people have competed in the Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI) Sports Challenge. With myPassion, we put a spotlight on our developers, testers and analysts to help them unleash their talents and become famous as musicians, dancers and sportspersons, including many who have state, national and international recognitions. Indeed, myPassion is empowering our people to bring their whole self to work!

My musical crossroad, and some great advice
Friends and colleagues have asked about my own passion for music, and how I balanced my career, music and family. So here is my brief story.

I am a flautist in the Carnatic style of Indian Classical music. I am proud to say that I belong to a family with rich musical heritage. My grandfather Sri V. Srinivasa Rao was a student of the great Tiger Varadacharya. My father Sri V. Bhaskar was a state award-winning art critic, so we had a stream of renowned musicians visiting home quite frequently. Since childhood, I was surrounded by and mesmerized by the rich heritage of Carnatic music.

Listening to many concerts of Padmashri Dr N. Ramani, one of the foremost Carnatic flautists, a love for the Indian bamboo flute took root. And they say roots of the bamboo grow strong!

At the age of 22, I had performed 200 live concerts across various cities in India, including jugalbandis with senior artists such as Veena Visharada RK Suryanarayana and Clarinet Chakravarthy AKC Natarajan. I also had many TV and radio performances and received good recognitions including the TR Mahalingam Memorial Award, and first prize recognitions in All India (Youth) music festivals and conferences by prestigious institutions such as Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Karnataka Gana Kala Parishath and Ananya.

Yet, I was standing at an important crossroad—to follow my passion for music or build a successful career in IT.

My guru Sri TR Srinath, someone who is a highly accomplished musician and also a senior executive with large professional responsibilities, inspired me to believe that I could balance work and my passion for music. My other gurus—Sri SA Shashidhar, Sri V. Raghu and Sri MS Govindaswamy—also guided me toward striking a good balance.

When I was still young and restless, my father’s advice touched me. He said: “Pursue music for the love of it—unpolluted by the need or desire for money and fame. Else the passion for music itself gets compromised”. To me, that hit home! I decided to pursue a fulfilling career, while keeping music close to my heart.

Using innovation to make music
I have played multiple leadership roles at Accenture in the U.S., the U.K. and India. At the same time, the organization offered enough flexibility to keep me engaged with music. Accenture also exposed me to the limitless possibilities of technology innovations. In a “world’s first,” I recently had an opportunity to jam with an artificial intelligence robot and a group of Indian and Australian musicians. Watch us rock the stage and bring a new paradigm to life!


Music builds empathy, lateral thinking and creativity. A performer always prepares well and is bold in innovating “live”! And this mindset helps in executing professional responsibilities, too.

In all this experience, I learned that it’s important to be authentic and passionate in everything one does. Evolve your priorities as life evolves. Career, family and personal interests become top priority at different stages of life. At each stage, give it all you’ve got!

Here’s my advice to younger friends and professionals:

  • As young people, invest in exploring your talents, and learn! Effort invested early gives exponential returns over time.

  • As you build your professional career, prioritize work. There is no place for complacency in the professional world. Keep nurturing your talents—it can be the best stress buster.

  • As a parent, spend quality time with your children. It is totally enriching and challenging. My kids are growing up fast, and I can now see myself doing more in music.

Balancing things you love, and cheerfully owning and embracing results of your choices, are the foundation of my experiment in living life passionately and happily!

Are you ready to bring your whole self to work? Find an opportunity with our Accenture team today.

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Pallavi B R • December 3, 2018

Truly inspirational! Accenture definitely is a great place to work with such talented and motivational leadership :-)

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shahidk • July 4, 2018

Ananth, first of all, let me congratulate you for a wonderful blog and secondly for a successful career in both music and IT. It is amazing to see how you flourished in both music and IT, it is a rare feat. Most people usually find success in one field, but it's never too late for people who could not pursue sports or music. I am sure "myPassion" at Accenture is a big boost for those who gave up their other passion for some reason. I feel I am more charged and inspired at work when I do something different or follow a hobby. Research has proved that creative activities outside work hours can help discover more about yourself and often perform better at work. Wishing you the very best in future endeavors.

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