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September 29, 2015
Moving toward enhanced patient relationships at Dreamforce 2015
By: Anne O'Riordan

The focus on patient relationships was one of the main themes in the four days of dedicated Health & Life Sciences breakouts at’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

In a high energy week, featuring guest appearances by Satya Nadella, Jessica Alba, Susan Wojcicki, Stevie Wonder and Goldie Hawn, the focus on building 1:1 connections with patients filled the minds of all of the Health and Life Sciences attendees. In sessions which brought together payers, providers and life sciences manufacturers, it was evident that our industry is creating new solutions and finding better ways to collaborate and unite around the patient. It was acknowledged that there were still barriers but there was a clear commitment to building technology solutions, intelligent devices and patient outreach programs across the participants involved.

The week kicked-off with much excitement over the announcement of our acquisition of Cloud Sherpas, a leader in cloud advisory and technology services. We look forwarding to welcoming their more than 1,100 professionals to join our newly created Accenture Cloud First Applications team, further expanding our ability to create differentiated cloud services across leading and emerging application platforms.

Salesforce also expanded on their recent launch of the Health Cloud solution, their first industry product built specifically for healthcare with a focus on patient relationships, instead of records. Accenture is proud to be named as a platform implementation partner and to have already developed and launched the Intelligent Patient Platform which compliments the Health1 cloud with a solution dedicated to pharmaceutical company to patient interactions.

During a panel discussion on “The Future of Patient Services” featuring Kaveh Safavi from our Health practice and executives from Shire and AstraZeneca, the excitement around how to best collaborate with multiple players in the broader healthcare system to drive better patient outcomes anchored the discussion. Each of our guest panelists took turn in explaining the steps their company is taking to focus around the patient and provide better services.

Our recent survey of 10,000 patients was the foundation of this discussion as one key finding explains that less than one out of five patients (19 percent) are aware of the services available to help them. Each panelist shared how reimbursement based on patient outcomes is changing sales and marketing activities within their companies in addition to how pharma companies are beginning to become data companies. This is where new collaborations are necessary outside of traditional partnerships in order to develop better, lasting relationships with patients.

We are entering what will continue to become a personal, highly integrated evolution of our industry. I’m excited to be part of the conversations patient services executives need to have in order to change the way we operate and continue to focus our efforts on the benefits to patients.

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