February 28, 2017
Missing sales goals? Get S&OP.
By: Jodi Ader

As the vice president of operations within your company, you want to maximize profits and gain competitive advantage in the market. You want to deliver products and services that are driven by consumer demand, while continuously improving the performance of your supply chain. However, as your company is in the global auto parts business, you realize that your relationships with the supply and demand sides are complex. Your marketing manager voices her concerns that she feels the company is missing many opportunities because your external supply chain partners are not participating in the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. In order to meet your business goals, you need to engage a broader group of internal and external stakeholders. You need a broader range of perspectives that will help you make the best decisions for your company.

As a senior leader, you are faced with many tough decisions, including:

  • What benefits, besides capitalizing on market opportunities, external partners will lend to your organization.

  • Which tiers among your external partners you should tap into. Should you limit their number or tap into all of them?

  • How you scrutinize which suppliers, and their suppliers, will add the most value to your business.

  • Whether you will need resources and finances for any additional capabilities that you might have to take on as a result of engaging external partners.

  • How you decide when your group of stakeholders should collaborate and take action.

Do you want to streamline the decision-making process to meet your company's business and financial objectives using an extended S&OP process? The Accenture Academy courses Stakeholders in the Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) Process, Suppliers Who Participate in the Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) Process, Technologies That Facilitate the Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) Process, and Measuring the Effectiveness of Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) will give you the information you need to choose effective internal and external stakeholders, as well as technology and digital solutions, to enhance supply chain visibility and data sharing to exceed sales and profit goals.

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