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December 20, 2018
IDC Vendor Spotlight: Benefits of Cloud-Native Application Architectures
By: Miha Kralj

In recent years, increasing cloud adoption has led to an intensification of interest in the development of applications that are optimized for cloud computing infrastructures, also known as cloud-native development. This interest stems from the benefits, both to the business and to the development team, that can be achieved by employing cloud-native architectures and development methodologies. Moreover, increased adoption of microservices and containers has similarly intensified interest in container and microservices-based applications that are deployed on cloud platforms.

Cloud-based applications that use microservices and containers is illustrative of a paradigm shift in application development that prioritizes cloud-based platforms as the preferred deployment infrastructure for modern applications; a model of applications that fully utilize the hyperscale nature of the cloud.

“Cloud-native architectures help organizations optimize their
use of cloud computing and empower organizations to deliver
agile, automated, scalable, and highly available digital solutions.”

IDC cloud-native vendor spotlight, Accenture

Accenture's cloud computing consulting practice includes specific guidance about cloud-native software development methodologies. This IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by Accenture, examines the benefits of cloud-native architectures and looks at the role of Accenture services in development and implementation. 

Click to see the full vendor spotlight

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