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March 12, 2018
Women in the Cloud Industry: Meet Melissa Adamson
By: Melissa Adamson

Welcome to the Women in Cloud blog series, showcasing the talent of women who are working in our Cloud groups at Accenture.

On a sunny weekend, you’ll find Melissa Adamson riding her road bike through the rolling hills of the Virginia farm country where she lives. But on a rainy week day (make that any day designated for work), she’s focused on her role in the cloud with Accenture Federal Services in Washington, DC.

As a Managing Director for Strategic Solutions, Melissa puts together the Accenture Federal Services cloud go-to-market strategy, which includes working with the major cloud service providers (CSPs) including Microsoft, Amazon and Google. “As part of my role, I work with our teams to understand customer challenges and provide solutions powered by the right CSP to address them,” she said.

Among other things, many federal agencies maintain significant physical data centers running legacy systems. But several are facing reduced operating budgets and need to modernize core systems quickly and efficiently. “Making the journey to cloud lends itself well to these types of problems,” Melissa said.

Making fit for government use

Accenture offers a wide range of cloud solutions, assets and capabilities for commercial enterprise customers. “My job is to retrofit these offerings and expertise for our federal clients, so that they can take advantage of innovative digital technology, drive cost efficiencies and focus on solving mission-oriented needs,” she said.

Part of Melissa’s responsibilities include ensuring Accenture’s cloud solution offerings satisfy federal agency requirements. Recently, for example, a team at Accenture Federal Services worked with the Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) to help bring the Accenture Insights Platform (AIP), a managed analytics service environment that runs on AWS Cloud for commercial clients, through the FedRAMP process to serve the unique needs of US government agencies.

“It is very rewarding to see how technology solutions powered by the right CSP can serve as the catalyst for bringing positive change and innovation to government,” Melissa said. “We have seen things like rapid delivery of healthcare benefits and services to citizens through implementation of solutions that are powered by the cloud; in the past, a transformation like this would not have been possible.”

Melissa has devoted the majority of her career to federal client work. Prior to joining Accenture in March 2015, she worked for Agilex, a DC-based government systems integrator that was acquired by Accenture Federal Services. She also spent a decade at Microsoft working in various roles, including as a sales account executive as well as director of operations for the federal business.

Riding shine or rain

Melissa and her husband have an 11-year-old daughter, an active equestrian who love to ride horses (not bicycles) and competes in weekend shows with her local farm team. “Every other month, we travel to different farms where she demonstrates her skills in events like jumping and Western-style riding,” Melissa said.

But Melissa happily trades those four-hooved weekend excursions for her two-wheeled hobby. “Living on the outskirts of DC, I can take the Washington & Old Dominion trail home after a long day of work—or on a really rainy day, settle for my Peloton bike to cycle in the comfort of my home.”

Learn more about Accenture Federal Services for Cloud and the Accenture Amazon Web Services Business Group (AABG).


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