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April 09, 2012
Medical Technology Companies Embrace of Healthcare Partnerships
By: Doug Mowen

Patient-centricity suggests creating a culture that embraces all health care stakeholders and builds the partnerships to jointly deliver better patient outcomes. Put simply these long-term partnerships will focus on the question, “How can we improve healthcare together?” rather than “How can we sell more prod­ucts?” While Accenture’s research showed none of the companies researched have fully mastered these partnerships, there is much activity towards it.

Varian and GE Healthcare have established a partnership in rural India that is providing “See & Treat” centers to act as one-stop facilities for cancer, cardiac and neurological care. This partnership looks to provide a suite of integrated imaging, information management and treatment solutions that will reduce healthcare costs and increase accessibility for patients. Separately, with its “Healthymagination” program GE has also created a US$6 billion fund for healthcare innovations that brings low cost but powerful technology innovations with simple operation and application.

We expect to see an increase in healthcare partnerships supported by “innovation hubs,” to help consolidate and strengthen corporate R&D efforts. A number of the innovation hubs are developing already and are unsurprisingly being established where individual companies have had a history of R&D investment.

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