September 26, 2018
Artificial Intelligence, the new electricity? How machine learning changes everything.
By: Tracey Biller

Self-driving cars, chatbots, spam detectors, voice recognition applications, automated products, and viewing recommendations have become part of our daily lives. Just as electricity once transfigured transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, refrigeration, and the texture of human existence, artificial intelligence (AI) is reconstructing, remodeling, and transforming our world today.

As the engine of AI—and in a world awash with data—machine learning holds the key to business transformation, empowering businesses to derive insights from data and take action to skyrocket improvements in customer experience, increase sales, lower marketing costs, and optimize operational efficiencies.

For example:

  • In some industries, advanced analytics enable real-time recommendations. tripling customer responses, increasing lead volumes by a multiple of four, and driving down per-lead costs.

  • Natural language and text analytics technology is revolutionizing manufacturers’ engagement with parents over the issue of vaccination.

  • Leading financial trading organizations use proprietary machine learning systems to predict and execute trades at high speeds and high volume.

Machine learning is no longer the domain of science fiction novels. The pace of technological advancement and the data tsunami make its adoption a matter of survival for businesses of every stripe.

Can your company afford to get left behind? In this age of technology, how can you best achieve your business goals?

You can find out more about how your company can use machine learning to achieve business improvements in the Accenture Academy courses Types of Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. Using explanations and case studies that describe supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning, these courses can help you understand how to apply machine learning to optimize your business operations. You will also discover how to partner effectively with data analysts and IT specialists to better design and implement machine learning executions to achieve your business goals.

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