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June 05, 2018
Women excel at valuable cloud skills
By: Lolita Moser

With a global view of Accenture Cloud operations, Lolita Moser shares some of the distinctive skills that make women strong leaders in the cloud industry. Learn more in the latest from our Women in Cloud blog series.

There is always a place for women at the table. Women are tremendously creative thinkers, strong collaborators and awesome multi-taskers--all of which are extremely valuable skills in today’s fast-moving cloud market.

I see these skills exemplified daily in my role as Director of Global Business Operations for Accenture Cloud, where I oversee operations for all aspects of our Cloud Global Group—spanning our various functions (e.g., investments, finance, capability development, reporting, marketing, human resources, recruiting, alliances and more.)

Although I’m based in Chicago, my purview is global. Accenture overall has 50,000+ cloud-skilled employees around the globe. At the same time, our Accenture Cloud group incubates offerings, capabilities and skills across several global specialty groups, such as Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, Oracle Cloud, Cloud SAP Center of Excellence and Accenture HPE Business Group.

Innate skill sets
Starting with creativity, I believe women in our Accenture Cloud group have this skill in spades. Every client’s journey to cloud is unique, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how women on the team provide an invaluable perspective, for example, by approaching a cloud architecture challenge in a fresh way or applying an innovative twist on a cloud strategy issue.

In another demonstration of creativity, I’m increasingly seeing women’s names on our Accenture patents and thought leadership pieces.

Case in point: Catherine Gulsvig Wood, one of our Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP) Product Management Senior Managers, has been granted a US patent as co-inventor of Tagging of Cloud Resources for analytics-based multi-cloud tagging capabilities of the ACP.

The innovation makes it easier for a company to manage its entire environment, regardless of which or how many cloud providers used. Catherine has two other patents in process, one related to “supertagging,” the other to control corridors in a cloud environment.

As for the skill of collaboration, I lead and attend many meetings to help ensure all our Accenture Cloud groups have what they need to be successful in delivering cloud solutions to our clients. With cloud underpinning every digital technology, the level of collaboration required by our people is immense.

Delivering #cloud for clients around the globe requires fresh, creative worldviews-Lolita Moser in a #WomenInCloud blog:


What I see from women in our Accenture Cloud group is a special ability to achieve the desired outcome together with the client or stakeholder, whether that be accomplished through careful listening, negotiating with the end in mind, or sharing a flash of brilliance at just the right time.

Lastly, there’s multi-tasking. I’ve done research in this area and women are unmatched at multi-tasking because our brains are physically wired differently than men’s. In the cloud industry, I believe women have a unique ability to work across many dimensions (at the same time) while pulling together a holistic solution that works for their clients and stakeholders.

Skilling up through a career
Multi-tasking is also a word that sums up my 35-year career with Accenture. I started in Technology Services and have held many Tech Leadership roles through the years. Each one helped me strengthen my creativity, collaboration and multi-tasking skills.

In my current Accenture Cloud operations role, I work as a “chief of staff.” A decision in one area, such as a group investing in a new offering or go-to-market strategy, may have a ripple impact across other groups or investments. I always try to put a business spin on the decision and connect the dots between the various functions to make sure our overall operations run smoothly.

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently is sponsoring our Women in Cloud initiative, so I can do my part to inspire and encourage our Accenture Cloud women to do their best and make a difference both within our company and with our clients!

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