Isabel Fernandez
Managing Director and Advanced Lead of Analytics, Madrid, Spain
July 02, 2019

Data Tells Stories. We’re using AI and Machine Learning to Listen.


I lead an incredible advanced analytics team ready to solve complex challenges faced by organizations across a variety of industries. We find solutions to these challenges by listening to the “stories told by data”.

I’ll give a relatable example.

Do you like soccer (or futbol, depending on where you live)? Imagine for a minute that you are responsible for scheduling all the soccer matches for an entire league next year.

What’s the best approach to solving the scheduling challenge? You can use your knowledge and expertise in this field—or you can listen to what the data is trying to tell you.

If you were to take all the internal and external data from the past year, from teams’ win and loss records and events in the cities where games are to happen to other important shows and games scheduled at specific times, you could build the most successful plan in terms of reaching the biggest and best audience on the right days at the right times, making your advertisers and fan base happy.

This is what we do in Applied Intelligence. We apply our strengths in analyzing data and algorithms to learn what people really want and need.

Projects with real-world impact
We work with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to focus on customer hyper-personalization and projects like modeling for testing new drugs and surveillance video analytics.

We see the impact of our projects in the real world, as we build things like chatbots for travel companies and surveillance systems based on AI.

For example, we recently collaborated with one of the largest metropolitan train networks in Europe to build an automatic ventilation system solution based on AI.

With around 300 stations crossing nearly 130 miles, it was a unique challenge to improve the ventilation system to minimize energy consumption while optimizing passenger comfort. The AI system we built used an algorithm that pinpointed the optimal trade-off between electricity cost and passengers’ comfort, in terms of the platforms’ temperature.

Our solution resulted in a 25 percent reduction in energy consumption, saving our client and consumers money while also reducing CO2 emissions.

Always learning and pursuing my passions
I’m “data fluent” and solving challenges is my passion. I can’t imagine a better place for me than Accenture.

Continuous learning and development is key at Accenture, and learning and teaching are vital elements of our daily work. I’d say we spend more than 10 percent of our time learning by doing and in more formal settings, like skills training and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Never in my professional career have I had the opportunity to work with such smart, passionate professionals. We live our commitment to innovation in the work we do every day.

We’re also committed to inclusion and diversity. We collaborate daily with colleagues across the globe—and that means different challenges, cultures, perspectives and solutions.

I’m able to leverage my expertise working in different industries and my knowledge and passion for listening to what data is telling us to focus on personal projects like diversity and gender equality in technology.

In my spare time, I share many hobbies with my two children, including playing the violin—although my daughter is much better at it than me. I love sports. Skateboarding is one of my favorite sports, and my son is better than me in this one. My great passion is architecture and design.

Read more about a typical day in my life and my advice for building a career in Applied Intelligence.

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