Miguel Cristino
Accenture Strategy Global Case Challenge 2018 Finalist and Student at Nova School of Business and Economics
April 04, 2018

The Life of a Strategy Consultant in 3 Days

Three days. That’s how long we had to come up with a feasible solution to a problem faced by billions of people across the globe. Three days to dig deep into the role of a strategy consultant and understand how to build a path to making a worldwide impact. Going beyond business with the Accenture Strategy Global Case Challenge was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

The Global Case Challenge is a unique program that gives you a realistic view into the world of strategy consulting, while working with great people for a meaningful cause.

I joined the challenge to experience what it was really like to work in strategy consulting. While I enjoyed making it through the local and national rounds, attending the finals was an experience on another level. For the finals, held over three days in London, we had a tight schedule to develop a solution to a worldwide problem: digital identity. Our task was to present how the ID2020 Alliance could engage with people who do not currently have a verified digital identity.

Most important about this challenge, to me at least, was the opportunity to work for a meaningful cause. More than 1.1 billion people live without an officially recognized identity. Could you imagine how your life would be affected if you had no form of identification? You wouldn’t have access to basic rights and services, such as education or health care. ID2020 is an alliance committed to solving this problem through digital identity—and through the Global Case Challenge, we were invited to help! We worked for three days to make a tangible impact on billions of people. Could it get any better?

As a team, we created a solution, proved its feasibility, developed a clear blueprint to implement it, predicted its impact and, finally, presented it to a challenging audience. It wasn’t a small task to accomplish in three days! Simultaneously, we had networking sessions and enjoyed a wealth of seminars designed to help us work more effectively, improve our presentation skills, think creatively and better understand the blockchain concept.

In such a short period of time, we had a 360-degree vision of the life of a strategy consultant, while improving a wide range of hard and soft skills. We didn’t sleep much, but we learned a lot! Unbelievably, there was more. During these three fast-paced days, we stayed in an amazing hotel, in the center of the most exciting city in Europe. We worked in a great office and ate tons of delicious food. We experienced the breathtaking view offered by the London Eye, ate dinner in the amazing Skylon Restaurant and got a glimpse of the latest in technology when we visited the new Accenture Innovation Center in London.

I was surrounded by brilliant minds every second. On the one hand, I could work with top, easygoing students from different countries, from Brazil to Germany, with different backgrounds, from engineering and natural sciences to management. I was impressed with their stories and skills and, even better, I made new friends, spread across the world, who are now willing to welcome me to their countries.

On the other hand, I was in close connection with inspiring Accenture employees from across the globe that were always available to give advice or to share experiences. Imagine a situation where you could ask anything and really have an honest answer. That is what I experienced, and now I understand how Accenture’s unique culture puts the company ahead of the competition.

It was an amazing journey. I improved my skills and knowledge, I met incredible people, I worked for a meaningful cause and, on top of that, I had lots of fun.

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