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October 04, 2016
Let’s all tune in to customer experience
By: Timothy Klahs

You are a product manager for a large online company that provides consumer financial articles and information. Your product is very popular, as measured by the number of page views. However, despite popularity, your viewers are neither staying as long on your site as before nor clicking through as much to find additional content. Although these viewers do not generate any revenue for your company, because they are your customers, because they determine your ad rates and, ultimately, your success.

The problem is that most people in your organization do not seem tuned in to the issue. Advertisers are not complaining yet, sales calls are still being made regularly, and senior management is still very much in love with the products and their financial results. You have suggested a more active approach to dig deeply into your viewers’ expectations from your site. For example, what types of information are most useful or most interesting, what new subjects would make good articles, what levels of financial sophistication should be assumed and how could the information be better presented?

You also have to figure out how to get the answers to these questions from your customers, how to get others in the organization to understand the importance of the customers’ experience, and how to get the funding so that this kind of intense customer focus will be seen to easily justify the expense and effort.

The rapidly evolving world of online services requires understanding the expectations of your customers as they evolve over the lifetime of your relationship and over the lifetime of the product as it adapts to the customers’ needs. To ensure success in this effort toward sensitizing your organization to customer satisfaction and expectations, you must:

  • Involve your organization in the customer experience.

  • Take appropriate actions to resolve different types of customer dissatisfaction issues.

  • Determine the significance of customer experience in the context of the complete life cycles of your customer, product or service.

Do you have the tools to steer your entire organization toward this acceptance of customer-centricity? Accenture Academy courses, including Organizational Involvement in Customer Satisfaction Issues, Steps to Address Different Types of Customer Dissatisfaction Issues, and The Life Cycle of a Customer and a Productwill help you develop an effective and well-executed plan to guide your organization toward an understanding of the critical importance of responding and adapting to the customer experience.

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