June 27, 2016
What is a learning experience?
By: Sean Bengry

As digital courses, wikis, blogs, videos, apps, and so on become increasingly prevalent in our professional development and day-to-day work, the lines around what a “course” actually is begin to blur. If you look at sites such as, a course might be a large string of videos linked together. However, Udacity might define it as a group of video lectures taken over several months and combined with interactive synchronous activities—that is, where everyone is online at the same time. If you look at an academic institution, a course might be a combination of digital exercises and live instructor lectures. Even if we all agree on a single definition of how a digital course is delivered, the length is arbitrary: 5 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 3 hours? And so on.

This amorphous definition may be a natural transition in the world of formal learning, given that the way we learn is rarely about how long it takes, and more about if it fits our learning needs. One factor that we can all agree on is that not every learning need is the same. For example, sometimes you just need to know a piece of missing or unknown information so you can complete a task. Or, sometimes you’re beginning a new job and need to perform a fundamental skill successfully that you have little or no experience with. Courses possess varying characteristics in size, fidelity, and duration. What is generally agreed upon, though, is that courses are formal and structured in nature. In other words, someone designed, grouped, and assembled the events detailed in a way that makes sense for the novice. They are not randomly constructed.

The spirit of Accenture Academy courses follows the nature of form and structure. The courses come in many shapes and sizes, but the ultimate design goal of each is to address your specific learning need. We instructionally craft each course with renowned experts in their field to meet this need. In today’s digital world, we recognize that the opportunity to learn new or exciting skills and competencies is available at any time and place, and with that, any moment can become a learning experience. It’s our job at Accenture to fit into those experiences when needed, whether offering a short wiki article on the definition of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), reading a hand-picked white paper on Total Cost of Ownership in Practice, watching a five-minute spotlight video on TCO, or fully experiencing a self-paced interactive course on Analyzing Total Cost of Ownership. The spectrum of learning needs is wide and varied, and we are prepared to fill the gap no matter how great or small.

Don’t get caught up in what a course is or isn’t. Rather, embrace the reality that the Accenture Academy supports you and can turn any learning need into a learning experience.

About Accenture Academy

Accenture Academy offers proven, cost-effective learning solutions for a more versatile workforce and a more agile organization. We provide a flexible learning approach that helps your people be more versatile and your entire organization be more agile in the marketplace. Curriculum includes Supply Chain Management, Finance, Procurement, Analytics, Leadership & Management and Specialty Skills.


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