June 27, 2016
Leading in the New: A content pivot is underway at Accenture Academy
By: Terry Nulty

During my 11 years as lead for Accenture Academy, I have witnessed many trends in the evolving skill needs of our clients. We have always predicated our business model based on the strategy to stay in lockstep with the functions and job roles we serve. We started in 2004 with the development of procurement curriculum, originally called Supply Chain Academy. Over time, we expanded that library in order to cover all end-to-end supply chain job roles and functions.  

When corporate sustainability became a hot topic, we addressed by shifting some of our focus to develop a unique curriculum to support our client’s learning needs. Around the same time, we also aligned ourselves to support leading certification programs, including APICS, ISM, and MOST. And we produced our own our own Retail Supply Chain Certification (RSCC) program as well.  

In 2011, changes were happening within finance organizations in that their focus was shifting from back-office processing, to instead, become strategic business partners with internal clients. To align ourselves with this shift, we rolled out over 700 courses in support of more than 50 job roles. We also created a professional skills curriculum covering topics such as change management, business acumen, risk management, communications and leadership. And we became an approved provider for some of the largest accounting organizations in the world, including NASBA, CIMA and CMA.

We are now in the midst of another significant change. Let me assure you that, through this change, we will not abandon our roots in supply chain, procurement or finance, as we continue to make sizable investments in these mission-critical libraries. But as the world becomes more digital, this shift ripples across all core functions and job roles we support.  

For example, increased use of data analytics is evident across many of our core industries and functions. And social media now integrated into many customer-facing business processes. The convergence of the physical supply chain with digital technologies generates the need for new skills to emerge. Future advances around robotics and artificial intelligence will only increase the need for advanced skill development.  

So, content pivot, we will. We continue to make it our mission to stay on top of changes to business process models so that we are ready to meet the evolving skills needs of your employees.  

If you haven’t looked at our curriculum lately, check out our latest catalog here.

About Accenture Academy

Accenture Academy offers proven, cost-effective learning solutions for a more versatile workforce and a more agile organization. We provide a flexible learning approach that helps your people be more versatile and your entire organization be more agile in the marketplace. Curriculum includes Supply Chain Management, Finance, Procurement, Analytics, Leadership & Management and Specialty Skills.


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