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May 15, 2018
CRM + CX = 360-degree customer view. Here’s How to Achieve It.
By: Laura Liberman
CRM + CX = 360-degree customer view. Here’s How to Achieve It.

If mastery of the customer experience is a journey, many CX journeys are already well underway. That’s the good news. The challenge is that the journey may never end. Companies must continue to seek new and better ways to connect with their customers.

Now it’s all about the data

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have been very helpful, but at times they’re not enough, especially in the face of consumers’ rising expectations for personalized, anticipatory service. Successfully meeting these expectations requires integrating customer data across all systems by building processes that collects customer feedback and sentiment through customer experience management systems, social media, customer service interactions and other sources.

The goal is to combine the inside-out view of the customer relationship that many companies have effectively embedded (what the organization and its employees know) with a more outside-in perspective (what the customer is thinking, doing and saying). This is a true actionable 360-degree customer-centric view.

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A proven path

The ability to attain the combination of both customer views is possible, and that’s in part due to the customer experience offering, Accenture Customer Experience Solution for Salesforce, powered by Medallia. Our hyper-focus on helping clients create next-level customer experiences demonstrated that a unified approach for managing and gaining real-time customer data insights is the best way to improve customer relationships and business outcomes. Thus, by integrating sentiment data and insights from the Medallia Experience CloudTM with operational CRM data from Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud®, this tailored capability is helping clients differentiate by:

  • Better identifying and responding to leads, improving sales
  • Increasing personalization in customer interactions, branding and marketing
  • Proactively identifying at-risk customers, enabling timely corrections
  • Accelerating the creation, launch and evaluation of new products and services
  • Providing personalized, role-based, real-time coaching for agents
  • Creating tactical and executive-level views of all customer touchpoints
  • Improving customer retention

The game-changing differentiator

The Accenture Customer Experience Solution for Salesforce, powered by Medallia, can help companies achieve what research has been quantifying for some time: that great CRM translates to improved outcomes. The power is now in the hands of businesses. With the capability to integrate customer data from Salesforce and Medallia, businesses can now achieve faster time to-market, increased scalability, broader program adoption and a true 360-degree customer view, which not only allows for rapid response to customer issues, it accelerates their ability to adapt products, services and processes to meet market needs.

One way to begin? Free the customer feedback!

Using the data collected and aggregated by the Accenture Customer Experience Solution for Salesforce, powered by Medallia, and then distributing it across the organization can be incredibly valuable for employees and business results. In fact, research conducted by Accenture and Medallia concludes that businesses using technology to gather and distribute customer and employee feedback across their business innovate new products and services nine times more often.

CX leader free the data: they share feedback across the organization to fuel ideas for innovation

Source: “Breaking the Code: Customer-Driven Learning and Innovation,” Accenture and Medallia, Inc., 2018.

Learn More

Accenture is excited to participate in Medallia Experience 2018, May 15-17 as a Diamond Sponsor. We’ll be sharing our latest insights about our joint research and solution and would love to see you during one of our breakout sessions or at our Partner Pod. 

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