August 29, 2017
Keeping Our Head in the Clouds
By: Accenture Recruitment

Our clients demand digital transformation supported by the cloud. And we help them get there with one dedicated team.

Accenture’s technology architects bring highly specialized technology expertise (think cloud engineering, digital architecture, artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual/augmented reality) to deliver the hottest innovations to Accenture clients. Our professionals are industry-leading experts on the cutting-edge of technology who help clients quickly, securely and seamlessly innovate at scale.

Recognizing the rapid rise of our cloud ecosystem partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a strategic platform, we now have a dedicated team to help clients quickly, securely and seamlessly accelerate their businesses to the cloud. Our AWS cloud engineers are equipped with the latest AWS technologies, best-in-class methodologies, highly automated tools for application migration, and software-as-a-service applications for big data management and analytics.


If you feel right at home on the cutting edge of technology innovation and delivery approaches in the digital world and like to bring emerging ideas to life, consider joining the ranks of our more than 3,700 technology architects around the world.

Ready to accelerate your pace? Stay on the cutting edge of innovation with an opportunity at Accenture.

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