September 21, 2018
Citizen AI: Infusing applied intelligence into new and re-engineered business processes with SAP Leonardo
By: Jordi Roca

Last time, I explained how new SAP technologies and applications can infuse intelligence into the fabric of the enterprise. They’re enabling completely new business models and service paradigms, and improving business performance. In this blog, I’ll start mapping these innovations to the five trends highlighted in Accenture’s 2018 Technology Vision.

Each of these trends is already proving to be a powerful disruptor, reinventing marketplaces and industries, sometimes overnight. First off, it’s Citizen AI. This focuses on how, as the influence of AI on almost every area of our day-to-day lives grows more pervasive, it’s essential to ensure that these technologies are raised and managed in a way that’s aligned to our values.

Where does that fit with SAP applications? How SAP applications use AI is about infusing intelligence into every aspect of the business, reengineering or automating business processes and dramatically improving user experiences for customers and employees. So the impact of AI (and the way it’s deployed within the business) is going to be profound.

Through SAP Leonardo and Cloud Platform, SAP opens the door to infusing embedded intelligence into business processes. This enables us to bring more value to clients than would be possible through isolated AI solutions. With SAP Leonardo and Cloud Platform, intelligence can be positioned right at the heart of the organization.

It’s now possible to infuse automation, AI and advanced analytics (the convergence of technologies that we call "applied intelligence") into an organization’s business processes. Crucially too, because SAP offers an open platform, it supports the integration of third-party solutions or technologies, as well as the development of new applications on top of the platform.

Accenture is putting this flexibility to work, developing new applications based on SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform, that integrate with SAP and third-party applications. Let’s look at a few examples that infuse intelligence and unlock value.

First, Herbot, the digital HR agent integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. It’s a collaborative bot that uses conversational AI and deep learning capabilities to revolutionize how employees manage their personal and employment data. Instead of sending emails (and hoping to get a reply) or spending a lot of time trying to find answers, employees can communicate with Herbot through a range of different interfaces (text and voice), devices and channels (custom apps, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc).

Next, Mona Lisa. We built this app to facilitate user interactions with SAP back-end systems. This intelligent personal assistant supports user conversations and interactions through text and voice commands and performs actions in core back-office systems. Using SAP Cloud Platform, Mona Lisa integrates SAP Leonardo machine learning with SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions. That means the assistance gets better with every request.

Mona Lisa can work for every business function. It can set up a new cost center, check or transfer stock, handle purchase orders, and much more. With Mona Lisa, it all gets done easier and far faster. And of course, if human decisions are needed at any point, the user gets a menu of options and recommendations.

Field Force Drone is another app we’ve developed to harness the transformational power of applied intelligence. In many industries, visual inspection of assets and equipment is time-consuming, risky and expensive. Our application changes all that, enabling remote inspection, automatic detection and localization of potential issues through computer vision (transforming images into data) and machine learning (detecting patterns) in real time. Using SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo IoT, integrated with third-party solutions, it’s an example of precision technology in action, continuously learning to improve efficiency and accuracy.

These are just three examples of the innovation we’re driving with the “new SAP.” But I hope you’ll agree they demonstrate not just the enormous power of AI to infuse new intelligence into the enterprise, but also SAP’s unique solutions and technologies to make this happen.

I’d love to hear your views on this blog, so please get in touch or leave a comment. Next time, I’ll be looking at the second trend: Extended Reality, and showcasing some of the innovations were developing in that space. Thanks for reading.

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