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March 05, 2018
AWS cloud transformation drives breakthrough speed and innovation at Mercedes-Benz
By: John Rhoton

Vehicle manufacturers need to rapidly ramp up and scale innovative new solutions. Digital transformation on AWS cloud is the answer.

A recent Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) engagement really brings this to life. Using AWS cloud, we’ve been helping Mercedes-Benz reimagine how it delivers digital marketing and sales solutions for customers worldwide. And to do all this at unprecedented speed.

It was a great opportunity to showcase the innovation and agility that AWS cloud can support. Let’s take a closer look at the technologies behind our solution.

First, a bit of context. The client’s digital services business, ( had a clear vision: to consolidate and transform Mercedes-Benz’s fragmented online presence through an integrated cloud platform.

Called “OneWeb”, the solution would need to deliver the most relevant content and the most exciting functionality and features (like its test drive booking app) to existing Mercedes Benz customers, and consumers worldwide. It would also need to be incredibly responsive.

AWS cloud’s market leadership, along with the suite of services it provided, put it in pole position. AABG’s deep relationship with Amazon made us a natural fit to lead the technical design and implementation of the IaaS and PaaS platforms underpinning OneWeb.

The solution would have to be much more than a website. Instead, OneWeb was envisioned as a domain- and component-oriented framework. It would incorporate a powerful cloud management system, a microservices-oriented architecture and front-end collaboration tools to support an ecosystem of developers.

With #AWScloud, we’re helping Mercedes-Benz reimagine how it delivers digital marketing


AABG infrastructure experts in Stuttgart focused on IaaS/PaaS design and implementation. At the same time, our Riga Delivery Center worked on integrating DevOps tools that would enable to optimize delivery, development and management of its global apps. had selected AWS as its IaaS platform because of the maturity of available services. However, initial scope of implementation was limited to Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon Elastic Block Store and networking connections to its legacy infrastructure.

On the strength of a smooth planning and test phase, expanded the scope of OneWeb projects to include more AWS products and services.

All delivered within a highly scalable microservices architecture, these included Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront and AWS Lambda, to allow in-house developers to run code without provisioning or managing servers.

With everything in place, we refined the automated processes and started rollout. Vertical development isolation, component-based architectures and special enablement programs meant we could scale teams and hugely increase rollout velocity. Within just four months, we’d deployed OneWeb to 18 countries.

It’s been a real success story. now has a cloud-based technology infrastructure that’s a total change from the non-integrated legacy solutions it had before. Lightning-fast provisioning of compute power and container management means the company has been able to establish a truly agile software development cycle. This has ignited innovation and accelerated delivery of content and functionality to consumers.

What’s more, using OneWeb, can easily harness feedback from customers and use that to continuously improve on the customer experience – all at AWS cloud speed.

We showcased OneWeb at AWS re:Invent 2017. Take a look.


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