Joshua Bellin
Thought Leadership Research Senior Principal, Boston
December 05, 2018

How Will Jobs Evolve in the World of the Living Business?

It’s no secret that the world of business is transforming in the digital age.

Customer expectations across all industries are increasingly shaped by digital-born giants (think Amazon, Google, Facebook). To keep pace and maintain sustained growth, companies must successfully compete head-to-head on customer experience with some of the best in this field.

From organization to organism
While studying the companies best positioned for the future, we found that successful companies are more likely than their peers to behave like living organisms.

That means they’re increasingly embracing a customer-centric mindset that inspires profoundly different behaviors, leading to agility in execution—what we’ve come to call a Living Business. And any organism, at a time of rapid environmental change, must adapt—or die.

As businesses evolve from traditional organizational structures into “organisms” adapting to their new environment, how are jobs also evolving—and what skills will you need to grow your career into the future?

How we’re leading clients on their journey
We understand that our clients need to adapt to survive, and we also know how a hyper-relevant organization looks and feels—with a culture infused with agility to move at the speed of the customer.

Our people partner with the world’s leading businesses on their journey to become ever more hyper-relevant to their customers. We work with them to bring in technologies and processes that yield a deep understanding of customer needs in real time, platforms to deliver on customer expectations with speed and scale and unrivaled innovation and design capabilities.

The people who innovate and help organizations position themselves ahead of the market will see their careers transform as their skillsets become even more in demand.

Roles needed in the age of the Living Business
This work is truly at the nexus of art and science. It’s profoundly creative but is also firmly rooted in advanced data and analytics, with the evolution of people partnering with machines in the workplace.

In a recent survey, we asked chief marketing officers what kinds of roles they’d need on their teams in the future to become Living Businesses. The responses are amazing: Immersive experience designers. Storytellers. Growth hackers who unlock revenue through relentless experimentation. Ethnographers. Futurologists. Trust leaders.

The list goes on.

Helping our clients become Living Businesses is more than just helping them design better products or improve their marketing and service functions. These things are still very important, but what we especially need now are creative minds that grasp the latest technologies to pull this all together and make transformative change happen—that’s what’s going to take our clients to the next level.

Interested in doing this kind of work? One word: empathy.

There are all kinds of “shiny new tools” that theoretically can take customer experience to the next level. But don’t lose sight of how important it is to simply have empathy—both for the end customers in terms of their expectations, experiences and trust, but also for the organizations that now need to transform in fundamental ways.

Lead businesses into the New and do work that truly makes a difference. Find an opportunity with Accenture.

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Ravi Kumar Jagarlapudi • January 11, 2019

Coming business will have a scope on IoT and AI. Smart energy management is also a part of the business. Different programs and database are very much required to push any business in future. IoT can be used any where from Building Management System to e-governance. Nothing is hidden in future except the privacy of couple and bank transactions. For that we require a strong security protection for every move in the business. There is a lot of scope for IT and related services.

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