July 24, 2019
Embracing the digital era at PegaWorld 2019
By: Jill Baker

I recently attended PegaWorld 2019, the 15th annual global user conference hosted by Pegasystems, where there were over 5,000 attendees. It was my 10th time attending, and I can say that it just keeps getting better every year. The content of the conference was two-fold: there was great exposure to the latest capabilities offered by the platform itself, as well as a multitude of stories delivered by clients about the business space they’re in, the challenges they’ve faced, the places they want to go, and how they’ve leveraged the platform to achieve their goals in their journey so far.

Below, I share a few of my favorite sessions:

  • Order automation goes global at Vodafone Business: In this session, Marco Valdivia, Senior Program Manager and Sergio Romeo, Domain Technical Architect of Vodafone shared how they created and implemented a flexible system for their enterprise orders using Pega, reducing fallout and cycle time as well as synchronized delivery. With this solution, manual reporting could be removed, and Vodafone could be in full control of order creation and delivery. This innovation has helped Vodafone reduce the costs and better serve existing and future network technologies. Vodafone now has a strong foundation for single order management, which can be used in multiple markets.

  • Product Modernization Delivers Enterprise Value at Health Alliance Plan (HAP): Donald Evans, Director IT & Customer Service of HAP; Toni Frawley, Director Product Dev & Management of HAP; and Swati Patel, Technology Manager at Accenture shared many examples on how they are responding to customer demands faster and creating more personalized services for their clients—all while reducing total costs. An excellent success story in the health insurance space.

  • Sprint’s Journey from List-Based to Trigger-Based Marketing: This session explored how Sprint is revolutionizing the customer experience by staying proactive through its new data-driven marketing capabilities. Customer retention is climbing like never before.

I also reflected on how Pegasystems started out as a BPM workflow management platform but has evolved to be so much more. Through artificial intelligence, natural language processing and robotics process automation, the consumer experience is improving with the use of new Pega tools that help organizations not just react to customers, but instead, predict what customers want.

For me, one of the highlights of the conference was the launch of the Accenture Liquid Studio for Pega Catalyst—our joint go-to-market initiative to jumpstart customer-centric innovation and help organizations see the art of the possible by creating rapid prototypes. You can read more about Accenture’s work with Pega here.

Lastly, I was struck by the networking opportunities at PegaWorld. It was great to spend time with people in the space, hearing them share experiences, lessons learned, what they’d do differently, or what they did that really drove their success. The excitement of these organizations exchanging information, exploring the art of the possible and learning from those that have been there, done that, is always exciting, and I was happy to be in the middle of it all.

We learned so much at this event and can’t wait to attend next year!

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