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December 03, 2018
Greater collaboration between Accenture and ServiceNow to mean more innovation in Europe
By: Jason Wojahn

With disruption roiling virtually every industry, companies have recognized they need to digitally transform their business to remain relevant and grow. That transformation will necessarily not be the same for any two companies because every company is different.

However, while companies’ specific transformation journeys may be different, at a high level their needs are fairly common around the world: They’re looking for technologies that can help them to become more flexible and agile, and to innovate more quickly and effectively. In other words, they’re hungry for what Accenture calls “the New”: digital-, cloud- and security-related services that can help them reinvent their business to unleash new growth. In fact, in fiscal 2018, Accenture’s net revenues from such services increased by about 25 percent over fiscal 2017, and “the New” accounted for approximately 60 percent of the company’s total net revenues.

Booming interest in “the New” is one of the reasons Accenture is expanding its work with ServiceNow. Accenture has a long history with ServiceNow, whose platform creates intuitive user experiences, automates tasks, and orchestrates workflows seamlessly across departments and IT applications. Accenture has used ServiceNow in hundreds of projects to help companies transform their operations, and currently has the world’s largest pool of ServiceNow certified professionals—2,400 strong. Accenture also uses ServiceNow as its primary platform for enabling cross-enterprise functions, including IT, HR, Finance and Legal services, for its own 459,000 employees worldwide, as well as for delivering services to clients. And Accenture was named the overall leader on both execution and innovation in HfS Blueprint for ServiceNow Services, a bi-annual report that evaluates the services ecosystem of Software as a Service platforms.

Now, Accenture and ServiceNow are boosting the level of collaboration and innovation between the two businesses in Europe so they can bring Accenture’s full spectrum of digital transformation expertise and ServiceNow’s capabilities to help companies adapt their existing processes and infrastructure to deliver superior end-user experiences.

What does this deeper collaboration mean in practice? For starters, it means companies will have access to the Accenture Cloud Innovation Center in Rome, where they can test products and build in proper security controls for their cloud investments. Companies can sit side-by-side with cloud-native experts to explore common use cases, refine cloud security processes and receive strategic direction before products go live.

It also means companies can tap Accenture and ServiceNow for help in navigating the compliance requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Accenture now offers GDPR services such as a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Automated Data Discovery. The new Accenture offerings help companies manage the volume of DPIAs with a dynamic in-built risk assessment, fully automated review workflow, and robust audit trail and ongoing risk management.

Finally, it means companies will benefit from more highly skilled professionals who can help them in their transformation journey. For instance, in Europe, Accenture and ServiceNow are working together to stay ahead of the demand for skilled cloud experts through a variety of reskilling and recruiting initiatives, including a three-week program they’ve jointly developed to attract talent from local universities.

Several European companies are already tapping into the power of the Accenture-ServiceNow relationship firsthand:

  • A Dutch Insurance company is using ServiceNow to achieve a single, efficient enterprise service management model across multiple departments and companies.

  • Similarly, a French utility company is deploying ServiceNow to enhance its employees’ experience and align processes, technology, organization, analytics and user experience across the enterprise (including IT, real estate, human resources, purchasing, finance and more).

  • And a German medical technology company is focusing its efforts externally. In 2017, it began implementing a central platform of engagement for its Customer Services organization based on the new Customer Service Management module of ServiceNow, which Accenture is helping to implement.

As companies progress in their digital transformation journey, many continue to seek Accenture’s help in executing the initiatives that enable them to implement their strategic plans. And ServiceNow continues to be a key component of those initiatives, enabling Accenture to create new digital workflows and user experiences that unlock productivity across organizations as part of the larger transformation. As Accenture and ServiceNow deepen their relationship, companies can expect to benefit from future innovation from the two partners in the expertise and technologies that can help them confront disruption head on and realize their business’s full potential.

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