September 08, 2014
Interview “How-To”: Tips for Before, During and After
By: Accenture Recruitment

Are you looking at opportunities, networking and generally following best practices for keeping your career warm—all while you are working? Most of us probably don’t because, let’s face it, we don’t have the time or the energy. But, even if you have the time and energy to lay the groundwork, when a new opportunity arises, “the interview” may feel a bit daunting. How do you prepare? What should you focus on? What questions should you ask? Is it okay to follow up afterwards? Kim Ahern-Wills is part of the North America Learning and Transitions team. Her focus is on coaching, employee engagement and career development. Read her advice on interviews below:

I recommend reading “The Hiring Guru Wants You…to Get Hired!” prior to interviewing. It outlines truths about interviewing, reminds you of a few things you probably know (professional dress, for example), but also discusses a few things that I want to expand on.

  • Your Decision Comes First: Choose your attitude going into an interview. Be confident; it’s better to get the job and decide it may not be the right fit later, rather than going in unsure if you want it and then not getting the offer.

  • Interview the Interviewer: The more you know about your prospective employer, the more impressive you will be. Do research, use LinkedIn® to connect with people you know who work there, and ask thoughtful (prepared) questions.

  • Prepare: Preparation is key and practicing your interview is critical. You can practice alone or, better yet, use a mentor or someone who knows you to try out responses before the big day-

  • Follow-up: Yes, following up to thank your interviewer – the old fashioned way – shows interest and courtesy. Whether this is a dream job or you have decided the job is not quite right for you, send a simple “thank you” note. It will go a long way-

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