July 21, 2016
Internship Impact: Rachael Clark, Marketing Intern
By: Rachael Clark
Rachel Clark

A rising Senior at Temple University, I am interning with Marketing and Communications in the Accenture New York Metro office this summer. My time at Accenture has been a phenomenal experience, both professionally and personally. I have honed and developed a host of tangible and soft skills that I will carry throughout my career. Every day I have felt inspired to produce my best possible work and been encouraged to explore new ideas and opportunities. The highlight of my internship has been the incredible people that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with as well as my exposure to the true culture of Accenture.

Being in Corporate Functions, my work has been different from many of my fellow interns. While explaining to others in areas like consulting at orientation that “I don’t have a client; I work within Accenture” seemed funny, I have grown to love being in-house. Being in the office each day has provided me the chance to meet and develop relationships with a number of employees. I have made more connections in the elevator than at all of the networking events I have attended in my life combined.

Not being dedicated to a particular client with just one team, my work has been fairly diverse. I have done everything from editing posts for the Accenture Women’s Network, to creating a key messaging sheet for Accenture’s posture on women in STEM, to beginning my own blog for all of the Corporate Functions interns to contribute to. Because of all of these projects, I have interacted with several teams and leaders within Accenture. In this process, I have learned quite a bit about the culture here at Accenture.

Each person I have reached out to has been incredibly intelligent and unique, they have all responded eager to help and answer questions. I have grown to recognize the great lengths Accenture takes to ensure that each individual feels valued; a step necessary for encouraging each employee to grow to be their best self. In their support for individualization, Accenture has made it an office “norm” to be yourself. While they received positive media attention for the external release of their diversity stats, the internal openness with which diversity is discussed has been astounding. Just this morning, on a recruitment marketing call, they discussed their efforts to hire 50% women in their tech field without a flinch.

This positive, inclusive approach to Accenture’s company culture is innately conducive to each employee’s growth and development. Being in Marketing and Communications, I have never heard a question of “what good things do we have to highlight?” Instead, it seems as if marketing has to ask, “Which of these many amazing things should we decide to highlight?” These are questions I never thought would arise when discussing the culture of such a large corporation.

Impressed? I sure am.

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