August 07, 2018
SXSW 2019: Vote for your favorite sessions now!
By: Accenture Interactive SXSW 2019

Every year at South by Southwest, innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and experts from around the world take to the stage to share their insights, ideas, predictions. We have 20+ panels from Accenture Interactive and Fjord in the running for a slot at SXSW 2019, and to help our speakers secure a coveted spot on the stage, we need your help! All of our proposed sessions can be found on the official SXSW PanelPicker site and are listed with descriptions below.

Check out our pitches, find your favorite(s), and then click on the link to learn more and VOTE. See you in Austin!

  1. Win Trust Not Alienate People through Blockchain
    Presented By: Thomas Mueller, General Manager, Managing Director Fjord Europe, Africa, Latin America, Fjord, Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive

    This session will explain how companies can grow using blockchain to deliver transparency and prepare for the inevitable shift from “touch points” to “trust points.”
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  2. Rethinking Democracy: When Design Meets Politics
    Presented By: Elodie Rousselot, Senior Program Manager, Fjord & Cristina Gómez Prada, Regional EALA Program Director, Fjord

    Democracy is in crisis all around the world. This session will leverage service design to reimagine today's electoral voting systems and adapt them to better suited for the digital age.
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  3. JFK 2020: Could JFK Be the Next American President?
    Presented By: Al Byrnes, Executive Producer, Rothco | Accenture Interactive

    If AI can bring back JFK’s voice, can it bring back his decisions, morals and views? Could we get JFK “back” into the White House and apply his thinking to the problems facing the US today?
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  4. Who’ll Win the Battle Between AI and Creativity?
    Presented By: Eco Moliterno, Chief Creative Officer, Accenture Interactive & Tabitha Goldstaub, Co-Founder, CognitionX

    Will AI soon be able to do what trained creative professionals can do? Two experts, both with a great passion for AI but with opposing views on how AI will affect creativity, battle it out on stage.
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  5. The P-Word: Digital Trends & Impact of Privilege
    Presented By: Tanarra Schneider, Studio Lead & Managing Director, Fjord

    Let’s talk Fjord Trends. Then, let’s talk about why trends don’t matter if you can’t confront the impact of your privilege on the decisions you make to follow, or not follow those trends. It’ll be uncomfortable. I promise.
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  6. Total Recall: The Future of Learning is VR
    Presented By: Rori Duboff, Managing Director, Head of Content Innovation, Accenture Interactive | Molly Tierney, Senior Manager, Health & Public Service, Accenture | Cortney Harding, Founder, Friends With Holograms | Kevin Cornish, Founder, Moth + Flame

    The use cases for VR are far-reaching and transformational. This session will show you how VR is keeping children safe by training caseworkers to become seasoned decision makers.
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  7. Is the Age of Empathy Dead?
    Presented By: Martha Cotton, Group Design Director, Fjord

    A talk exploring how to reclaim and redefine empathy in design thinking.
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  8. Battle of the Extremes: An AI-Moderated Debate
    Presented By: Jon Wilkins, Chairman, Karmarama | Jacqueline de Rojas, President, techUK | Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large, TechCrunch

    We are living in a time of unprecedented division in society. The world has become a culture of extremes, resulting in increased hostility. The objective of our session at SXSW 2019 is to explore how artificial intelligence can help us identify and drive out extreme thinking, encourage middle ground thinking—and achieve consensus.

    Our debate, moderated by an AI bot, we hope will show how technology can help humanity to steer clear from extremism and help us with nuanced thinking and problem-solving. With the ultimate ambition of driving progress for a divided society.
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  9. Game Changer: AR in Advertising
    Presented By: Raffaella Camera, Head of Go To Market, North America, Accenture Extended Reality

    By 2020, AR will hit 1 billion users, with revenue expected to be four times higher than VR ($150bn vs $30bn). By opening its 3D lenses to advertisers, Snapchat is leading the charge. The addition of AR Kit and AR Core in all mobile phones are important elements in mainstreaming AR.

    Following the success of Snapchat’s own Dancing Hot Dog AR superstar, which clocked up more than 2 billion views, brands are now jumping in. Warner Bros, Bud Light and Netflix were amongst the first to use this new communications experience.

    Why are consumers spending so much time with AR? What will be the impact of AR content on the advertising landscape? How do you deliver the best possible creative experiences on this relatively young medium?
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  10. The Highway and the Wilderness
    Presented By: Alex Jones, Engagement Director, Fjord

    The concept of ‘work’ is completely changing. Creativity is no longer monopolized by ad agency creatives—anyone can create things overnight now, with no cash. How can we use this opportunity best?
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  11. How Retailers Can Recapture Lost Audiences
    Presented By: Heather Hildebrand, Digital Strategy Executive, Accenture Interactive

    Retail is changing rapidly as giants such as Amazon continue to scale and move into new markets. There are opportunities for other retailers to thrive and we’ll show you how.
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  12. How to Build an Ethical AI that Works for the Many
    Presented By: Hollie Lubbock, Interaction Design Lead, Fjord & Abbie Walsh, Group Director, Europe and Latin America, Fjord

    Artificial intelligence will change how we work, entertain ourselves and interact. To ensure it empowers the many not the few, AI design will need an ethical code. What does that look like?
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  13. Humanizing Government: Simplifying Immigration with AI
    Presented By: Tim Hall, Group Director, Fjord

    Finland was the first country to employ AI to power their immigration service. What can this case study teach us about the importance of humanizing governmental services to make it more intuitive, supportive and effective and the impact this has one tourism, politics and the society at large?
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And check out our other session submissions on:

Emerging Technology

The AI-Augmented Pub Quiz Challenge!
Presented By: Stephen Foxworthy, Business Design Director, Fjord & Lakruwan Pemasiri, Senior Creative Technologist, Fjord
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Going from Behind the Screen to Mainstream with AR
Presented By: Greg Carley, Principal Director of Design Strategy Group, Fjord Design and Innovation
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Renovating Home Buying With AI
Presented By: Mark Jones, Design Director and Data+Design APAC practice lead, Fjord
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Breaking Empathy Barriers via VR
Presented By: Andrew Whelan, Innovation Engagement Lead, Accenture Interactive, Creative Futures
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What I Wish I’d Know Before Making My VR Film
Presented By: Jack Westerman, Digital Strategy Manager, Accenture Interactive
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Workplace & Culture

Building a Culture of Innovation at Bose
Presented By: Dhruva Ganesan, Business Design Director, Fjord
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Conversational Society: Tension in the Machine Age
Presented By: Paige Maguire, Design Director, Fjord
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Silver Tech Comes of Age: More than Healthcare
Presented by: Dominic Delmolino, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture Federal Services
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Design & Data

Digital Vs Real
Presented By: Max Burton, Global Leader of Connected Products, Fjord
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Building Centaurs: Designing Human/AI Collaboration
Presented By: Connor Upton, Design Director, Fjord & Gemma Gallagher, Interaction Designer, Fjord
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Dear Data Scientists, Please Don’t Kill Our Music!
Presented By: Niklas Wiedemann, Business Design Lead, Fjord - Design and Innovation by Accenture Interactive
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Introducing Ann: The Warm Hands of AI
Presented by: Tiril Sommerfeldt Syversen, Digital Transformation Consultant, Accenture Interactive and Sarah Woodhouse, Service and Interaction Designer, Accenture Interactive
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